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Mitsubishi ZUBA Central Heat Pump

Top of the line cold climate heat pumps

When it comes to cold climate heat pumps, Mitsubishi is a name that is synonymous with quality around the world. AirZone HVAC Services is a registered Mitsubishi dealer and has decades of experience installing these products. Our team of licensed technicians are factory trained to install and service the top of the line products offered by Mitsubishi Canada.

Cold Climate Ductless Heat Pump

Cold Climate heating performance

The Mitsubishi ZUBA central is renowned for its cold weather performance. Producing heat well past -30C makes this heat pump a perennial favorite for the Ottawa market. At AirZone we have performed tests with these units during cold snaps. If the unit is sized properly and installed to manufacturers specifications, we are able to maintain home temperatures at a steady 20C even when temperatures outside dip below -30C (all with barely any supplemental backup heat)!

In order to take full advantage of the premium quality and ability of these cold climate heat pumps, it is necessary to work with a seasoned professional when installing. From ductwork design, capacity sizing and control integrations, AirZone HVAC Services ensures that any client who orders a Mitsubishi ZUBA Central, is reaping the full benefits of an investment in quality.

Carbon Reduction and Comfort Improvements

Two of the major benefits of installing a Mitsubishi ZUBA central system are environmental and comfort improvements. When you choose to eliminate gas heat and convert to a fully electric cold climate system like the ZUBA, you are drastically decreasing your carbon output. Our clients can sleep easy knowing they are doing their part in helping fight climate change by reducing their burning of fossil fuels. Furthermore, homeowners that have installed these systems have expressed the massive improvement in home comfort! An older gas furnace discharges heat at a very high temperature, because of this, the system tends to turn on and off a lot. A Mitsubishi ZUBA central system is a fully variable speed heat pump. This means it delivers your heat at a much lower temperature than a traditional furnace and can modulate to ensure you are receiving the exact amount of heat required at any give time. This means less temperature swings and a more comfortable house!

Matt standing beside a Mitsubishi ZUBA system installed in a home in Ottawa, Ontario by AirZone HVAC Services.

Rebates and Cost Analysis

ZUBA central heat pumps qualify for the maximum rebates under both the Greener Home and HER+ programs. With up to $6500 in rebates, you can offset the initial costs of these heat pumps by utilizing the government programs available. Furthermore, due to the high COP and HSPF ratings, you can rest assured that operating this fully electric system will not send your utility bills through the roof. We have seen many clients, operate their systems as per manufacturers recommendations and have seen utility bills come in very similar to traditional gas bills.

When choosing a heat pump system it is important to remember that this unit is also your new air conditioner! When comparing a ZUBA central to a traditional AC, homeowners can expect to save up to $150 per summer due to the incredibly efficient cooling operation of these units as well!

Mitsubishi Hyper Heat ZUBA Plus.

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