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Radiant Floor Heating

Custom Designed Radiant Floor Heating Systems For Ottawa Homes & Businesses

Luxurious Heating

Radiant Floor Heating From AirZone HVAC

Imagine for a second stepping onto your floor during Ottawa’s winter months and experiencing a warmth on your bare feet radiating from below. That is the luxury of radiant floor heating systems.

AirZone HVAC Services offers professionally designed radiant floor heating systems; a complete design to implementation service. Our in house designs are able to bring your floors to life through a network of plastic tubes that allow hot liquid to flow underfoot and delivering on the promise of ultimate in home comfort.

Get started today with an expert sales consultation about the benefits of radiant floor heating and whether it is a viable option for your home or business!

Radiant Floor Heating System Ottawa

In-House Radiant Floor Heating Designs

At AirZone, we offer in-house radiant heating designs. This allows us to perfect a system for you for new construction or retrofit installations. Our expertise with radiant floor heating provides a high quality custom system for your home backed by the AirZone guarantee!

We specialize in radiant floor heating systems along with boiler room design builds. Our systems bring exceptional efficiency and luxury to your Ottawa home or business.

Radiant Heating FAQ

Radiant floor heating is an amazing way to heat a space while avoiding unsightly bulkheads or units. Radiant floor heating can be fully electric or run by natural gas/propane. The most common type of radiant floor we install is hydronically heated by natural gas. Water pipes run under the floor and radiate heat throughout the space.

Radiant floor heating is a very safe way to control temperature in a room! The floor is heated to a temperature that is comfortable for someone who is barefoot and since there are no exposed pipes or venting, it is a very safe system.

Anything that is approved by the manufacturer to be used with radiant flooring. This can include carpet, hard wood, vinyl or laminate as long as the manufacturer has approved this product for installation on top of radiant flooring.  Ceramic flooring and stone tend to be the best flooring for radiant as they tend to transfer heat better than most other flooring solutions. 

The answer to this question can very much depend on the fuel source, parameters of the home and how the installation was completed. That being said, most radiant floor systems are very efficient and provide an amazingly comfortable room while running at lower temperatures than conventional systems.  These lower operating temperatures combined with the performance of radiant heat VS forced air can make running an in floor system more cost effective.

A fully electric in floor system will heat up quicker than a hydronic system. That being said, after the hydronic in floor system reaches a set temperature it will maintain that very efficiently. Furthermore, the type of insulation and flooring material may affect the time it takes to heat the room.

Yes but we always caution customers about having an alternative source of heat for certain situations such as the shoulder seasons.   Sometimes in Ottawa we have cold evenings in the spring and fall but warm days. During this season it is nice to have another source of heat such as a heat pump. The reason for this is that it may take a while for the in floor heating to reach a comfortable temperature and longer for this heat to dissipate. If this occurs during the day time it can cause a slight overheating effect. We have clients that use only radiant flooring for heat and have programmed controllers to avoid these issues. We also have clients that utilize heat pumps in tandem with the heated floors for the ultimate in heating/ cooling.