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Ottawa's Cold Climate Heat Pump Experts

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Ottawa's Cold Climate Heat Pump Experts

At AirZone HVAC Services we recognize our role in providing Ottawa and surrounding areas with cutting edge options for heating and cooling their homes and commercial properties. We have dedicated countless hours to training our team on the design, installation and service of industry leading heat pump technology.

AirZone HVAC strives to be the leader in green, environmentally friendly, HVAC solutions with heat pumps leading the charge.

Our goal is to educate our community on the viability and necessity of green home heating/cooling. Together we can lower our carbon footprints without sacrificing comfort levels. The future of home heating is properly designed heat pump systems, whether they utilize gas, propane or electricity as a backup.

Ottawa Heat Pump Presentation with Matt Robinson Comfort Advisor with AirZone HVAC Services.,Heat Pump Maintenance
The Rheem Endeavor RD17AZ is the latest in efficient heat pump technology perfect for homes in Ottawa, ON.
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Rheem RD17AZ

COMING SOON! Fall 2024 The Rheem Endeavor™ Line Classic Plus® Series Universal Heat Pump RD17AZ is your eco-friendly, energy-efficient solution

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Comfortaire heat pumps from AirZone Ottawa
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Comfort-Aire VCD

The Comfort-Aire VCD Series cold climate heat pump boasts incredible performance numbers and whisper quiet operation. This unit is manufactured

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Lennox SL25XP1
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Lennox SL25XPV

Introducing the Lennox SL25XPV, one of the quietest and most efficient heat pumps ever designed. Engineered with precision, this unit

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Lennox MLB


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The Three Most Common Heat Pump Types Installed in Ottawa

Ductless Split Heat Pumps

These units can be utilized in homes that are equipped with ductwork or not. Enjoy perfect comfort with the added benefit of total customization. We can install indoor distribution heads in 1-8 rooms connecting to one outdoor heat pump! These units allow for full zoning and you can control each room’s temperature completely independently. Don’t forget that these units operate as air conditioners and heaters, with some cold climate products producing heat down to -30C!

Fully Electric Ducted Systems

Standard heat pumps are units that look very similar to a traditional air conditioner. These devices replace your standard air conditioner and tie into your current furnace/air handler infrastructure(ductwork). Most standard heat pumps produce heat down to about -15C, this means your air conditioner can now supplement your furnace in heating season to provide a environmentally friendly heating solution.

Electric/Gas Hybrid Ducted Systems

Cold Climate heat pumps are similar to standard heat pumps in that they replace your air conditioner and also supplement your current furnace/air handler infrastructure (ductwork). The major difference between a standard heat pump and a cold climate heat pump is its ability to operate at very low temperatures. We install units that can produce heat down to -30C, meaning much less run time on a gas furnace. This is the ultimate solution for those that are trying to do their part in curtailing global warming and slashing their carbon footprint.

Heat Pump Cost Ottawa

The average cold climate heat pump installation cost in Ottawa in 2023 is $6,000 – $10,000+HST. This price can vary drastically depending on a number of factors including home size, unit efficiency and installation parameters.

If you are aiming to receive the Greener Home Efficiency Grant you may need to replace your existing furnace/ air handler which increases the overall cost of the project. If you are looking to install ductless heat pumps you may be looking at as low as $3000+HST for a single zone standard heat pump. Other clients that are completely retrofitting the home with cold climate ductless heat pumps may be looking to spend $25,000 +.

How Does A Heat Pump Heat My Home?

Environmental Friendly HVAC Solutions

How Does A Heat Pump Work?

A heat pump also provides easy heating and cooling operation with more precise temperature control (when paired with an appropriate HVAC system). A heat pump is the perfect addition to a HVAC system that contains an oil, propane, or electric heater. These customers are the ones that benefit the most from a heat pump product.

AirZone HVAC Services installs virtually any type of heat pump system on the market. This includes geothermal, water source, condo packs and air source. Our three most popular heat pump options for Ottawa homeowners are all of the air source variety, these units move heat from the outdoors to the indoor setting (even at temperatures of -25 and colder)!

Ductless Heating and Cooling System Ottawa

Heat Pump FAQ

Heat Pumps do work well in Ottawa Ontario but there needs to be many considerations when your HVAC professional designs your system. Even the best cold climate heat pumps require some sort of back up heat for the frigid temperatures of mid winter. That being said, the majority of the year, a high heat pump is an excellent choice to acclimate your home.
Central heat pumps can heat your whole home for the majority of the year. Ductless heat pumps can achieve the same goal if designed properly. There are so many factors in a properly designed heat pump system that it is crucial to work with a professional.

Contrary to popular belief, a heat pump is actually a replacement for your air conditioner. For home owners that are looking to remove their gas furnace, utilizing a heat pump can aid in this mission. Many clients opt to remove the furnace and air conditioner and replace it with a heat pump and indoor air handler.  We also have many homeowners who prefer to add a heat pump to their existing system(replacing the air conditioner) and utilize the gas furnace as backup heat.

In many ways a heat pump is better than an air conditioner. The heat pumps we install in Ottawa tend to be fairly high end, due to our extreme weather. In turn you receive an ultra efficient unit that is capable of cooling your home using much less energy than a typical air conditioner. Furthermore, when you opt for a heat pump you get amazing heating capabilities without burning fossil fuels.

The heat pumps of yesteryear were known for their high sound levels. Many of the new modern units are incredibly quiet! There are varying levels in terms of quality when looking at heat pumps. The models that we install and offer in Ottawa are all very high end options. These units run incredibly quiet in cooling mode, often half the sound levels of standard ACs. In heating mode, they run a little bit louder but are still running around the same sound levels of a typical air conditioner.

As of late 2023 and early 2024, there are hundreds of heat pumps that qualify for rebates. These rebates range from $2500 up to $7100! The most well known heat pump rebate is the Greener Home Heat Pump Rebate.

Heat pumps are worth the increased cost over air conditioners for numerous reasons. Especially if you heat your house with propane, oil or electricity! Supplementing your home heating with an ultra efficient heat pump is a great idea. Furthermore, these units are generally 1.5-2.0X more efficient in cooling mode than a standard air conditioner. Finally, they are environmentally friendly and help you reduce your carbon footprint. At AirZone HVAC we believe in environmentally sustainable technology and building a better future for our community.

A heat pump is a very cost effective way to heat your home.  Depending on what your fuel prices are (natural gas, oil or propane) a heat pump can be significantly cheaper to run.  In Ottawa we have found that natural gas customers tend to see massive savings in the spring, summer and fall. In the depths of the winter when temperatures reach -20 to -30, natural gas still tends to be slightly cheaper. For this reason, many clients opt for a hybrid system that utilizes a heat pump backed up by a natural gas furnace.

In Ottawa, the majority of houses require some sort of back up heat. There are many reasons for this and at AirZone we generally recommend at least some sort of backup.  Heat pumps tend to defrost in the winter and this can cause comfort issues if there is not a backup heater. Furthermore, the majority of existing homes simply do not have the infrastructure (whether it is ductwork or electrical) to support a heat pump capable of heating for the entire winter season. Finally, insurance companies often decline to insure a home that does not have a backup to the heat pump.

At AirZone, we understand the importance of regular heat pump maintenance in Ottawa’s varied climate. To ensure your heat pump operates at peak efficiency year-round, we offer comprehensive maintenance services through our Family Memberships. These memberships are designed to provide Ottawa homeowners with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their heat pump maintenance is in expert hands.

Our professional technicians are skilled in all aspects of heat pump maintenance, a crucial service in Ottawa’s changing seasons. During our routine visits, we perform essential tasks such as cleaning filters and coils, checking thermostat settings, and ensuring optimal airflow for your heat pump. This regular maintenance is key to preventing common issues and extending the life of your heat pump in Ottawa.

Furthermore, as part of our commitment to heat pump maintenance in Ottawa, our Family Memberships include thorough inspections. Our team checks refrigerant levels, tests electrical components, and ensures all moving parts are functioning properly. This detailed approach to heat pump maintenance not only enhances the efficiency of your unit but also improves the indoor air quality of your Ottawa home.

By choosing AirZone’s Family Memberships for your heat pump maintenance in Ottawa, you’re ensuring that your heat pump remains a reliable and efficient part of your home’s heating and cooling system. With our expert care, your heat pump will continue to provide comfortable, energy-efficient heating and cooling to your Ottawa home, regardless of the season. For more information about our heat pump services and the benefits of regular maintenance, visit our heat pump maintenance page.

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