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Furnace Humidifiers

Indoor Humidity Products & Solutions For Ottawa Homes

Indoor Humidity Control

Furnace Humidifiers To Stop The Dryness

Controlling your indoor humidity is very important. In many cases, the air inside a home in Ottawa and the Valley is drier than a desert during the winter months.

Dry, indoor air is often the culprit for such common problems as itchy or cracked skin, eye irritation, dry nasal passages and damaged home furnishings. Dry indoor air can also increase the possibility of catching cold and flu viruses and can reduce the efficiency and effectiveness of your heating system.

AirZone HVAC Services offers a complete line of furnace humidifiers and dehumidifiers to help maintain the proper level of moisture in your home. We want you to experience total indoor comfort through our expert solutions and high quality products.

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Featured Humidifier Products

Humidifiers Available from AirZone HVAC Services

The Bypass humidifier

This is the most common type of whole home humidifier in Ottawa. Installed on your return or supply ductwork this system allows warm air to mix with the humidifier pad simply through different pressure zones. Your furnace fan then circulates the humidity in the home. Typically the most cost effective but perhaps the least effective option.

Steam humidifier

The ultimate in humidity introduction these systems turn water into steam and shoot that steam into your duct work. More expensive to run and install but guarantee to keep your home’s humidity within a range that you are comfortable with.

Fan powered humidifier

Very similar to the above unit in that it is installed on the supply air and utilizes a pad to wick moisture. But this system has its own independent fan that allows it to run even if the furnace is not. Typically these systems are slightly better at introducing humidity than a bypass humidifier.

Optimal Humidity in Ottawa Homes

The optimal humidity for our homes is 35%-50%. The optimal humidity chart shows why these levels are so important in Ottawa and the Valley.

For proper levels of humidity to be maintained a furnace humidifier is a necessity. Aside from the obvious indoor air quality improvements, it is also important for other aspects of your home. Many homes come with hardwood floors and maintaining an optimal humidity level is crucial in the health of these floors. If it is too dry in the winter these floors can crack and split.

Maintaining the proper humidity is also important for items such as valuable furniture and instruments. Without proper humidity control, you are risking the permanent damage of these important household items. A furnace humidifier is an easy addition to your heater, is affordable, and will ensure your home and property are maintained. You will also be benefiting from a number of indoor air quality improvements.

Here at AirZone HVAC Services, we specialize in total indoor air comfort. Contact us today for a free quote on humidifiers that will help you be more comfortable in your home!

Optimum Relative Humidity Range Chart Ottawa

Ottawa Humidifiers FAQ

Changing of the humidifier pad is required annually or semi annually depending on your water quality.  A maintenance on a humidifier is beneficial and can include flushing the drain line, changing the humidifier pad and confirming function.

Humidifier leaks can be pesky and common. There are a few reasons your humidifier may be leaking including a clogged drain, a fitting has come loose or your humidifier pad may not be installed properly and is causing water to drain improperly. 

Generally, in Ottawa, we do not require our humidifiers in the Summer. There should be a damper on the unit that allows you to close it off in the summer. Furthermore, you can turn the humidifier off with its controller. 

Should my humidifier run on hot water or cold water? 

This is debated within the HVAC community. At AirZone HVAC Services we always discuss the pros and cons of each with our clients. Hot water allows for more humidity to be added into the system but does cost more as you are heating the water. Heat pumps and multi stage furnaces generally require hot water whereas a single stage furnace may produce good humidity with cold water.

The ideal humidity level for health purposes is between 40%-60%.  Everyone has a different comfort level and you may prefer it to be slightly more humid or less than another person.  See our chart above for more info.

Old style drum humidifiers allowed water to sit and get stale/rancid. These old style units were a breeding ground for bacteria and caused humidifier flu (legionnaires disease).  New humidifiers that are equipped with a drain do not allow water to sit and collect bacteria.