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Free AC Tune-Up Ottawa – Coolsaver Program

Take Advantage of The Ottawa Coolsaver Rebate For Annual Air Conditioner Maintenance

Free AC Tune-Up for Ottawa Homeowners

Experience Enhanced Cooling Efficiency

We’re excited to offer Ottawa homeowners an incredible opportunity to optimize their air conditioning systems while trimming their energy bills. Through the Coolsaver Rebate Program, in partnership with Hydro Ottawa and Hydro One, you can access substantial savings and improvements in your home’s cooling efficiency.

What is the Coolsaver Rebate Program?

The Coolsaver Rebate Program is designed to help homeowners in the Ottawa area reduce their electricity usage by enhancing the efficiency of their cooling systems. This initiative offers attractive incentives for various upgrades, including air conditioner tune-ups, replacement of outdated central air systems, and the installation of smart thermostats.

What Do Ottawa Homeowner Receive?

The rebate provides a FREE air conditioner or central heat pump tune-up. A value of up to $250! 

In addition, Ottawa Homeowners can take advantage of a thermostat rebate ($75) or new 18 SEER+ air conditioner rebate ($330).

FREE central air conditioner or heat pump annual maintenance through the Coolsaver Rebate program available to Ottawa Residential customers.

Available Coolsaver Rebates

FREE Central AC or Heat Pump Tune-Up


Air filter replacement

Digital refrigerant analysis

Comprehensive cleaning of indoor blowers, evaporator coils, and condenser coils


Should the digital analysis indicate a low refrigerant level, you can opt for a refrigerant top-up.

Smart Thermostat Upgrade


Receive a $75 dollar instant credit towards the installed purchase price of a smart WIFI enabled thermostat.


Available to Ottawa Homeowners who currently have a non WIFI thermostat.

Central AC Replacement (18 SEER+)


Replace your aging central air conditioning unit, rated SEER 14 or lower, with a new, high-efficiency model boasting a SEER rating of 18 or higher.


Receive an instant rebate of $330 dollars towards your Central AC or Central Heat Pump purchase.

Coolsaver Rebate Steps



STEP 3: Schedule your preferred discounts with an AirZone HVAC Services and provide us your qualification code.

STEP 4: We will use your code for your chosen instant discounts.

STEP 5: Complete your maintenance and save money on your hydro bill!

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Existing FAMILY or FAMILY+ Members

Are you currently a member of our FAMILY or FAMILY+ membership plans? At AirZone HVAC Services we highly value our existing customers. That is why we will be in touch shortly to discuss how you can receive an unprecedented value from the Coolsaver Rebate Program!!

And for anyone interested in signing up for a new FAMILY membership we are offering a TWO APPLIANCE Coolsaver package starting at ONLY $16.99 per month (initial maintenance fee waived). You are receiving a FREE Furnace AND Central Cooling maintenance with this option.

Check out the details today!

Coolsaver Program Downloadable Documents

Please use the buttons below to view and download the official documents provided by the program.(https://www.saveonenergy.ca/coolsaver)

Why Choose AirZone HVAC Services?

Choosing AirZone means opting for a trusted local provider with deep roots in the Ottawa community. We are committed to enhancing your home comfort while helping you save on energy costs. Our team of certified technicians ensures that each installation or upgrade is performed meticulously, providing you with the most efficient and reliable service available.

Get Started Today!

Don’t miss out on these fantastic savings! Contact us at AirZone HVAC Services to learn more about the Coolsaver Rebate Program and how we can help make your home more energy-efficient. Restrictions apply to all offers, so please reach out to us for full details.

Coolsaver Program Questions & Answers (FAQ)

The Coolsaver Rebate Program has certain criteria that needs to be met in order to receive the credit.

You must be a homeowner over the age of 18 in the certified program area. The home must be on the Hydro One or Ottawa hydro grid. The home must have at least one functioning air conditioner or heat pump. The equipment being maintained must be at least one year old or older.

In addition, the home must be located in one of the following Ottawa area:

Eligible Postal Codes (Ottawa): K1V, K1X, K2J, K2K, K2L, K2M, K2S, K2T, K2V, K2W, K4M, K1A, K1B, K1C, K1E, K1G, K1H, K1J, K1K, K1L, K1M, K1N, K1P, K1R, K1S, K1T, K1W, K1Y, K1Z, K2A, K2B, K2C, K2E, K2G, K2H, K2P, K2R, K4A, K4B, K4P

NOTE: Postal Code K0A is not a part of the program.

No! We understand that this program appears to be too good to be true. But it is in fact a legitimate rebate put forth in order to improve the efficiency of Ottawa cooling systems while reducing the strain on existing hydro infrastructure.

This is an instant rebate! The IESO delivers the rebate to your contractor (us). You will receive your discounts immediately and all discounts will be illustrated on your invoice. This is true for all measures offered by the program.

The regions of Richview South in Toronto, York Region, and Ottawa have been pinpointed as areas within the province that require enhanced electricity system support. Consequently, the CoolSaver program was initiated to assist residential customers in these areas by reducing their energy usage and costs. This program also aims to decrease the overall electricity demand, contributing to the stability of the local power grid. For additional details, please refer to the Local Initiatives section on SaveonEnergy.ca.

Yes! The Coolsaver tune-up includes everything that our annual maintenance services includes. It is however limited to CENTRAL ACs & HEAT PUMPS.

Not all Ottawa HVAC contractors are eligible to participate in the CoolSaver program.

Contractors typically need to meet specific qualifications and be approved or certified by the program administrators to participate. This often includes meeting criteria such as proper licensing, training, and adherence to specific standards set by the program. 

AirZone HVAC Services has been selected and approved as an official participant in the Coolsaver Rebate Program.