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The beginning

AirZone's Story

It all started in 2006 out of a small home in Kanata, Ontario. Brent Lewis and Steve Teskey were both professionals in the HVAC industry. They had become increasingly frustrated with the approach local companies were taking by focusing on profits while not properly servicing their customers.

Recognizing an opportunity, AirZone HVAC Services was created.

Brent contributed to the partnership with a dynamic and personable approach focusing on sales and quality customer service. Steve, being one of the most experienced HVAC installers in the city, delivered the technical side ensuring high quality installations and products.

From day one AirZone HVAC Services has been a company focused on delivering the highest level of customer service possible through expert installations, quality products, and a quality you can trust promise.

We have never compromised on our customer service approach, and it’s what continues to make us successful today.

Quality you can trust… Guaranteed!”

A Family Business

The Ottawa community responded to Brent and Steve’s philosophy of excellent customer service through an honest transparent approach.

As AirZone continued to grow, Wendy Lewis (Brent’s wife) stepped into a much needed operations management role. Wendy was able to streamline and organize the entire back end of the business.

Through countless hours of hard work Brent, Wendy and Steve continued to build a strong reputation in Ottawa for honest hard work without any smoke and mirrors. Just straightforward no pressure advice from a family company.

Within a few years, Taylor Lewis (Brent and Wendy’s son) joined AirZone as a comfort advisor continuing the family tradition of entrepreneurship. This was soon followed by Samantha Lewis (Taylor’s wife) joining the administrative team and revamping the booking system to continue to improve the customer experience.

Hard work and dedication from a family who cares!


AirZone Family
Samantha Lewis AirZone HVAC Services
A New Partnership

The Next Generation

After many years in the HVAC industry, Brent and Wendy Lewis make the decision to enjoy their well deserved retirement.

They were able to retire because after 5 years Taylor and Samantha were ready to take over the sales and operations side. Brent and Wendy were confident in both of their abilities, and Steve was excited for the prospect of continuing the family tradition.

Steve, after so many years of hard work and dedication, has become President of AirZone HVAC Services. Taylor, who has been training for this role his whole life, has earned a Vice President position.

Throughout all of these traditions there has been one consistency; AirZone HVAC Services continues to put customer’s first through quality products, experienced expert installers and technicians, and a no pressure sales approach offering (more than) fair pricing.

In 2023 we have named our protection packages FAMILY. We have done so because we feel that every one of our customers is a part of our family’s life and give us the opportunity to contribute to the greater Ottawa community.

Thank you for supporting the AirZone Family over the past many years. We can’t wait to show you what’s next!

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