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Membership Packages

Maintain and Protect Your HVAC Equipment With The AirZone Family Plans

Introducing The FAMILY & FAMILY+ Protection & Maintenance Plans

We have reinvented our protection packages to offer our customers the best value and service in Ottawa when it comes to maintaining and protecting your HVAC system.

Our new FAMILY and FAMILY+ protection plans include annual maintenance for major heating AND cooling equipment found in most Ottawa households. Choose coverage for your furnace and air conditioner, heat pump and air handler, boiler/hydronic system (heating only), or other system.


Need more coverage or maintenance? No problem! Equipment add-ons are available for a discounted additional fee.

New furnace installations, maintenance and service Ottawa


HVAC Maintenance Membership
$ 16
Monthly + HST
  • Receive Your First Maintenance For FREE (Limited Time Offer)
  • Coverage for Most Standard Heating & Cooling Systems*
  • Discounted Add on Appliances Available ($)
  • $0 Annual HVAC Maintenance Included
  • 15% Discount on Scheduled Service
  • 15% Discount on Filters
  • Priority Service For Family Members
The FAMILY PLAN is the perfect match for Ottawa Homeowners looking for an easy worry free way to maintain their HVAC equipment ever year.
*Both plans includes coverage of most Ottawa standard heating & cooling systems such as a furnace and air conditioner, heat pump and air handler, ductless heating and cooling system, or other HVAC system approved by our office.
We have designed this plant to provide most homeowners with the needed annual maintenance of their most important equipment.

The FAMILY PLAN brings a huge amount of value to our customers offering additional benefits such as annual maintenance, reminders, and discounts on scheduled service.

Best of all when you join our family through on of our maintenance plans you will receive priority service over other customers. It’s our way of saying thank you for being our customer and continuing to support our family business!


HVAC Maintenance + Protection Membership
$ 29
Monthly + HST
  • Receive Your First Maintenance For FREE (Limited Time Offer)
  • Coverage for Most Standard Heating & Cooling Systems*
  • Discounted Add on Appliances Available ($)
  • $0 Annual HVAC Maintenance Included
  • 15% Discount on Scheduled Service
  • 15% Discount on Filters
  • Priority Service For Family Members
  • Parts and Labour Coverage
  • 15% Discount on Emergency Services
The FAMILY+ PLAN is the ultimate protection for your heating, cooling, and indoor air quality equipment. It includes annual maintenance as well as parts and labour coverage along with discounts on emergency services!

With more and more complex heat pump and other advanced HVAC systems being installed every day in Ottawa, we created a package that will protect your most valuable equipment and ensure it is operating at it’s best.

The FAMILY+ PLAN covers most standard Ottawa heating & cooling systems and has all of the benefits of the FAMILY PLAN with additional coverage and maintenance available through add on pricing. Enjoy the ultimate piece of mind for your HVAC equipment with maintenance, parts and labor service & coverage!

Family and Family+ Membership FAQ

Both the FAMILY and FAMILY+ memberships include 2 appliances. For example, a typical Ottawa household could be covered for a furnace and air conditioner, furnace and heat pump, or heat pump and water heater. If you have more than 2 pieces of equipment you would like to maintain and/or protect you can add them for an additional monthly fee through our add on service.

Yes, Annual Maintenance is included at NO additional cost! By purchasing a monthly membership, we will reach out once every calendar year to complete your maintenance according to the agreed schedule.

Since the equipment may be different at your new location, this is as simple as cancelling the old plan and signing a new one! We make this process as smooth as possible.

You are free to cancel at anytime. If you cancel prior to 6 months of payments and have received the first maintenance, you will be charged the remainder of the balance up to 6 months.

They can be! Our technicians and advisors will always recommend adding your filters onto your plan. Since everyone’s filters are different we can custom price filter packages for you upon request.

Your renewals are automatic if you are on monthly payments. We make it simple and take the worry out of your membership. If you prefer to pay annually, we will reach out to bill your next year.

There are numerous tips and tricks to keep the system running even better all year round. Please see our  DIY section on the website for helpful tips.

All systems must be pre-inspected by our team to ensure good working order in order to qualify for the FAMILY+ Membership. We do this to keep our membership prices as low as possible and to make sure we are not offering insurance on malfunctioning or broken down HVAC equipment on day 1 of coverage.

We utilize automated reminders to reach out and let you know when the maintenance is due! If you are curious or want to schedule it earlier, feel free to reach out to our office.

We always have a technician on call for emergencies. If you call our office number after hours you can reach the technician. If the tech is working on another job you may leave a message and will receive a call back within the hour.

Emergency service is available to all clients and family members jump to the front of the line! Family+ members receive a 15% discount on emergency services!

Almost every type of HVAC equipment requires maintenance and is eligible for a family plan.  In order to qualify for the family+ plan, the first maintenance and pre inspection are required.

We make every effort to reach out and schedule maintenance, with numerous touch points including emails, texts and phone calls.  If for some reason you miss your annual maintenance we try our best to accommodate you for the next visit.

Your Benefits Include:

Comprehensive Year-Round Protection: Say goodbye to the stress of unexpected repairs. Enjoy a substantial 15% discount on standard diagnostic and repair costs, ensuring peace of mind throughout the seasons.*

Priority Service Assurance: As a member, you’re at the forefront of our service commitments. Receive prioritized servicing over non-members, minimizing downtime and enhancing your experience.*

Annual Expert Maintenance: Benefit from our commitment to excellence with yearly maintenance visits from our team of Certified Service Technicians. We ensure your system runs smoothly, efficiently, and reliably.

Exclusive Perks for Family Plus (+) Members:

Enhanced Emergency Support: In urgent situations, Family Plus members benefit from a 15% reduction in emergency diagnostic and repair fees, ensuring rapid and cost-effective resolutions when you need them most.

Complimentary Parts and Labor: Experience the ultimate peace of mind. Most services for Family Plus members come with free parts and labor, exemplifying our commitment to your comfort and satisfaction.*

*Terms and conditions apply to all discounts and services. For full details, please refer to the provided documentation.

Your Agreement on Information Handling:

By engaging with our services, you’re giving us your explicit agreement to gather and utilize your personal, financial, and credit information. This includes allowing us to share this information with credit reporting agencies, financial institutions, our related entities and affiliates, and others you may have financial interactions with. We’ll use this data for several purposes, including:

Assessing and validating your creditworthiness and other details you provide in relation to your account. This includes identity verification to comply with regulatory standards.
Setting up, managing, and recovering debts on your account.
Delivering the requested products and services.
Offering credit references.
Communicating with you about these matters.
Fulfilling legal, regulatory, auditing, processing, and security requirements, as well as other lawful or necessary purposes.

Furthermore, unless you opt out, you also agree that we and our affiliates may use your contact information to occasionally inform you about our other products and services. If you prefer not to receive such communications, you can withdraw your consent by contacting us within ten (10) days of receiving your bill at 1-613-592-5770.

For inquiries about accessing or correcting your personal information, or to learn more about how we handle privacy, please refer to our Privacy Policy at airzonehvac.ca, or write to our Operations Manager at 27-174 Colonnade Road, Nepean, Ontario, K2E 7J5.

Services Included

Family Plan (Maintenance Plan):

Our Family Plan is designed to ensure the optimal functioning of your heating and cooling systems. It includes:

A thorough 32-point annual inspection and cleaning of your Heating and Cooling Units.
A comprehensive safety assessment for carbon monoxide risks.
Please note, any flushing of the heat exchanger or additional cleaning required due to lack of maintenance before subscribing to our Family or Family Plus (+) Plans is not covered. These services will be billed at our standard rate (currently $139.00 + HST, minus any applicable discounts).
As a valued member, you’ll also enjoy a 15% discount on diagnostic and repair visits.

Family Plus (+) Plan (Coverage Plan): The Family Plus (+) Plan encompasses all the benefits of the Family Plan with added advantages:

We cover the repair, replacement, or adjustment of specific parts in your Heating and Cooling Units, as determined necessary by us, except for the exclusions mentioned below.
This plan shields you from the costs associated with labour and part replacements, within the stated limits.
However, services like boiler system drainage and refill are not included in either the Family or Family Plus (+) Plans.

Additional Benefits for Family Plus (+) Members:

Comprehensive coverage for diagnosing and rectifying refrigerant leaks in your cooling unit, including refrigerant recovery, vacuuming, and refill.
Just like in the Family Plan, additional cleaning due to insufficient prior maintenance is excluded and will be billed at our standard rate (currently $139 + HST, less discounts).

Responsibility for Annual Check-Up and Cleaning:

While we might remind you of your entitlement to annual check-ups or cleanings, it is not an obligation on our part. It is your responsibility to contact us to schedule these services at a mutually convenient time.
We cannot be held accountable for any missed annual check-up or cleaning due to your failure to initiate contact, nor for any resulting damages or costs.

Scope of Coverage for AirZone HVAC Services Family Plans

Applicability of Family and Family Plus (+) Plans: Our plans are tailored to cater to one Heating Unit and one Cooling Unit per household, under the following specifications (“Covered Equipment”):

Heating Units: Includes residential natural gas furnaces, boilers (which are considered as both Heating and Cooling Units), space heaters, air handlers, heat pumps, and high-velocity units.
Cooling Units: Encompasses residential, electrically powered central air conditioning units, heat pumps, and high-velocity air conditioning units.

Exclusions from Coverage:

Systems incorporating conversion burners, including the conversion burner itself.
Fireplaces, ductless units, and wall-mounted units, with certain exceptions.
Equipment that services multiple dwelling units.
Our services do not extend to Pool Heaters, Window Air Conditioners, and Portable Units, including dehumidifiers, humidifiers, and air cleaners.
Exhaust Fans and Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems are also not covered under the Family (+) Coverage.
Any heating equipment that operates on electricity or fuels other than natural gas (such as oil, propane, wood, etc.) is not covered by our plans.

Comprehensive Parts Coverage under the Family Plus (+) Plan for Your Heating Unit

Included Parts: Your Family Plus (+) Plan offers extensive coverage for the following components of your Heating Unit:

Gas Burner and Orifices
Automatic Gas Control Valves
Gas Regulator
Electric Ignition System
Relay and Flame Spreader
Pilot Burner and Thermocouple/Generator
Fan and Limit Controls
Power Burner Motor
Heating Circuit Transformer
Venter Motor Assembly
Roll Out Switch and Vent System Pressure Switch
Furnace Low Voltage Circuit Fuse
Automatic Vent Damper/Motor
Flow Switch
Pulley and Belt
Blower/Component and Fan Motor
Door Switch
Summer/Winter Switch
Standard Thermostats (excluding Wi-Fi enabled models)

Exclusions from Coverage: Please note, the following parts are not covered under your plan:

Heat Exchanger and Heating Coil (Air Handler)
Heating Sections (Boiler)
Firebox/Combustion Chamber
Furnace Filters
Low and High Water Cut-Off Valves
Aquastat Controls, Circulating Pumps, Condensate Pumps
Zone Valves
Wi-Fi Enabled Thermostats
Parts necessary for the accommodation of ancillary equipment such as air conditioners, humidifiers, etc.
Complete replacement of the heating unit.

Detailing the Coverage for Your Cooling Unit under the Family Plus (+) Plan

Covered Components: In the Family Plus (+) Plan, the following parts of your Cooling Unit are included under our coverage:

Internal Copper Tubing and Internal Electrical Wiring
Service Valve
Add-On Fan Centres and Add-On Indoor Fan Relay
Cooling Contactor/Relay
Standard Evaporator Coil
Condenser Fan Motor and Fan Blade
Low Ambient Temperature Sensor
Pressure Switch
Standard Thermostats (excluding Wi-Fi enabled models)
Line Components

Exclusions from Coverage: It’s important to note that the following are not included in your plan:

Replacement of the compressor and condenser coil.
Wi-Fi Enabled Thermostats

Cancellation Policy of Your Plan

Duration and Renewal:

Your plan is active for an initial one-month term (“The Term”).
This Term will renew automatically for successive one-month periods unless terminated by either party.
Termination requires written notice from either us or you.

Cancellation Procedure:

The cancellation becomes effective on the date the written notice is received, unless otherwise specified in the notice.
If you initiate the cancellation, you are responsible for any outstanding balances on your account.
In the event we cancel the plan, our responsibility is limited to:
Refunding any remaining portion of your payments, if applicable.
Completing any repairs or part replacements that are covered by your plan and have been reported to us up to the date of termination of the Agreement.

Billing and Payment Terms for Your Plan

Initial Commitment and Maintenance Scheduling:

A six-month minimum commitment is required for any plan before the first maintenance service is provided.
Early maintenance requests may incur additional fees.
Stay informed about our latest promotions at www.airzonehvac.ca.

Monthly Payment Process:

Payments are processed on the first day of each month.
We prefer payments via Visa or MasterCard.
Currently, we are unable to accept Interac/Debit payments.

Billing Cycle and Due Date:

Payment is due 15 days after the issuance date of your bill.
In certain cases, a bill may not be issued if your account has a credit balance or if the payment is processed as per agreement.

Alternate Payment Methods:

Payments can also be made by cheque or money order, addressed to AirZone HVAC Services, Inc, and sent to Unit 27, 174 Colonnade Road, Nepean, Ontario, K2E 7J5.
Please ensure the account holder’s name is clearly written on the front of your cheque or money order.
We advise against sending cash through the mail.

Refund and Transfer Policy:

Except as explicitly stated, plan coverage is non-refundable.
Plan coverage is specific to your residence and cannot be transferred to a different location.

Notice of Changes Policy

Updating Your Contact Information:

Please inform us promptly of any changes to your mailing address, ideally 30 days before the change.
Changes can be communicated via email to “info@airzonehvacservices.ca”, by mail to AirZone HVAC Services, Inc, at Unit 27, 174 Colonnade Road, Nepean, Ontario, K2E 7J5, or by calling us at 1-613-592-5770.
Additional details and updates can be found on our website at www.airzonehvac.ca.

Policy on Unavailable Parts and Part Replacement

Handling of Unavailable Parts:

In cases where a specific part is not readily available, our team will diligently seek a replacement part or a suitable alternative. However, there may be occasional delays due to limited availability of certain components, especially those not readily or locally obtainable.
In rare instances where neither a direct replacement nor an equivalent alternative can be provided, we will not bear liability for the replacement, the alternative, or any resulting issues.

Discretion and Ownership of Replaced Parts:

Decisions regarding parts replacement or the use of substitutes are made at our sole discretion.
Any defective part replaced under your plan becomes the property of AirZone HVAC Services and may be disposed of as we see fit.
Hours of Service and Emergency Response

Regular Service Hours:

Our standard service hours for non-emergency work are from 7 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding statutory holidays.

Emergency Services:

We offer 24/7 emergency response services.
Additional charges may apply for emergency work performed outside our normal working hours.
While we strive to respond to emergency requests swiftly, please note that response times cannot be guaranteed.
Family and Family + Members are prioritized for all non-emergency services over non-members.

Requirement for Access to Equipment

Ensuring Service Access:

To facilitate the provision of services under this Agreement, it is crucial that you grant us safe, unhindered, and timely access to the Covered Equipment.
Our commitment to delivering these services is contingent upon your cooperation in providing such access.

Limitations of Service Provision:

We are not obliged to modify, move, or replace any part of a building or other structure as part of our service.
You are expected to allow our technicians to operate the Covered Equipment as necessary to perform the services.

Customer’s Responsibilities in the Service Agreement

Conditions for Service Provision: Your receipt of services under this Agreement hinges on the following: A. The Covered Equipment must be manufactured, installed, and operated in line with all relevant manufacturer’s guidelines and applicable legal requirements. B. You are required to inform us promptly and continually of any known problems with the Covered Equipment. C. During the Agreement term, no other party, including yourself, should perform any work on the Covered Equipment. If this condition is breached, we reserve the right to either terminate this Agreement or exclude the affected Equipment from the Agreement.

Procedure for Additional Work Authorization

Notification and Approval for Extra Work:

If our inspection indicates the need for repairs or replacements not included in your Family or Family Plus (+) Plan, we will provide you with a notification and a quote for the additional work.
We will not commence work outside this Agreement’s scope without your written consent.
If we do not receive your authorization within ten (10) days of sending the notice, we may opt to either terminate the Agreement or remove the Equipment from the Agreement.
We are not obligated to undertake any emergency repairs or replacements without your prior written consent and bear no liability for damages arising from delayed authorization.

Limitations on Our Responsibilities

Exclusions from Our Obligations: Our responsibilities under this Agreement do not cover the following areas: A. Identifying hidden defects or issues not visible in a non-invasive visual inspection, or those obscured due to weather, inaccessibility, or factors beyond our control. B. Costs or completion of work related to the main power supply to the Equipment, including disconnection costs, structural supports, piping, ductwork, oil tanks, and similar items. C. Indoor air quality assessments in your home, including any related inspections or testing, and any resultant injuries or illnesses. D. Responsibilities related to the system or Equipment design, obsolescence, safety tests (except as specified in this Agreement), repairs or replacements due to weather, electrical failures, vandalism, misuse, negligence by others (including you), and directives from governmental or insurance agencies. E. Reimbursement for services or parts replacement conducted by unauthorized contractors. F. Redecoration or restoration costs arising from our work, including wall coverings, paint, floorings, tile, cabinetry, countertops, landscaping, and repair of structural or cosmetic damage.

Restrictions on Liability

Disclaimer of Equipment Manufacturing and Supply: Please be aware that AirZone HVAC Services, Inc. does not manufacture or supply the heating, cooling, or drainage systems. As such, we do not provide any guarantees or assurances regarding the performance of these systems.

Exclusion of Liability: We are not responsible for any type of loss, damage, or injury that might occur due to or in connection with your subscription to our Plan. This includes any issues arising from the operation of the heating, cooling, and plumbing systems. Furthermore, we are not liable for any indirect or unforeseen damages, whether they are incidental, special, or consequential in nature.

Limitation of Financial Liability: Our financial responsibility to you is strictly limited. In the event of a claim against us, our liability is capped at the total of the fees you have paid us during the 12 months leading up to the claim.

Force Majeure: In situations where we are unable to fulfill our commitments under this Agreement due to external events or circumstances beyond our control, we are not held responsible for the non-performance of those obligations for the duration of such events.

Nature of the Plan: Our plans do not serve as insurance policies. They do not cover losses, repairs, or replacements resulting from misuse, accidental or intentional damage, theft, acts of vandalism, natural calamities (such as fires, floods, earthquakes), wars, divine acts, unauthorized repairs, equipment being turned off, incorrect thermostat settings, or domestic electrical issues.

Indemnification Agreement: You agree to protect us against any claims, losses, or expenses, including legal fees, that arise from your use of the heating, cooling, and plumbing systems under your Plan. This indemnification covers any claims made against us, including those related to injuries, fatalities, or property damage.

Tax and Charge Obligations: You are responsible for the timely payment of all taxes and charges levied by any governmental authority in relation to this Agreement and your payments.

Additional Conditions of the Agreement

Modification Rights: AirZone HVAC Services, Inc. reserves the authority to periodically modify any terms associated with your plan. This includes adjustments to rates and fees. You will be notified in advance of these changes, and they will take effect 30 days from the date mentioned in the notification.

Transfer of Rights: We hold the discretion to transfer, sell, assign, or create a security interest in our rights and interests under this contract to a third party, without the necessity of informing you or obtaining your approval. This is subject to legal allowances.

Restriction on Legal Recourse Against Transferees: In accordance with the law, you agree not to pursue any legal claims, defenses, offsets, reductions, or counterclaims against any third-party transferees that you might otherwise be entitled to assert against us.

Governing Law: This Agreement is subject to, and will be interpreted and enforced in line with, the laws of the Province of Ontario and the applicable federal laws of Canada.