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Ductless Heating For Ottawa Homeowners

Ductless air conditioners have been a popular commodity in the Ottawa region for many years as an alternative cooling solution. Many homes are built without the infrastructure for central heating and cooling (ductwork). Historically, these homes have heated using boilers with water radiators or electric baseboard heating.

With massive advancements in technology ductless heat pumps are becoming a viable solution to heat and cool these homes!

A ductless heat pump is a split system that consists of a unit that sits outside your home (Condensing Unit) and an indoor wall mounted unit (Evaporator coil).  These two pieces of equipment are connected by copper lines that allow refrigerant to flow between the two machines.



Lennox Ductless Heating System Installed in Ottawa, Ontario

How Does A Ductless Heat Pump Work?

A ductless heat pump works by removing heat from one area and redistributing it to another area. In the winter we remove heat from the outdoors and deliver it into your home and in the summer, we remove heat from the indoors and discharge it outside. It offers exceptional efficiency that helps to lower utility bills while benefitting our environment.

We have spent a significant amount of time researching, designing, and developing ductless heat pump systems specifically for heating Ottawa homes. This includes researching and testing ductless split systems from multiple brands such as Lennox, Mitsubishi, General Electric, Moveair, Rheem, just to name a few!

Popular Ductless Heating Products

Ultra Green

Moovair Ductless (Multi Moov)+(M Series)

Moovair is a product that has been tailored for the Canadian environment! Manufactured by midea and distributed by the Master Groupe, this product line provides incredible performance with an attractive price point.  The multi moov ductless line offers hundreds of

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Lennox MHB from AirZone HVAC Services Ottawa.
Very Efficient

Lennox MHB

The Lennox MHB heat pump is the perfect solution for a room that is difficult to heat or cool! These units offer a great balance between performance and price point.  Heating capabilities down to -15C and flawless cooling. The Lennox

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Very Efficient

Mitsubishi Standard Ductless Heat Pumps (M Series)

The Mitsubishi line of standard ductless heat pumps offers unparalleled reliability, functionality and technology.  Often regarded as the pinnacle in heat pump technology, Mitsubishi has been an industry leader for decades. The standard heat pumps offer heating capacities down to

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Ultra Green

Lennox MLB


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Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Zuma Central Heat Pump
Ultra Green

Mitsubishi Hyper Heat and Hyper Heat PLUS

The Mitsubishi hyper heat is a versatile heating and cooling system that can be installed on nearly any home. With ductless options available that can produce heat down to -30C and the flexibility of 2-8 indoor heads, Mitsubishi hyper heat

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Ductless Heating Questions and Answers

One of the best benefits of a ductless heat pump is the flexibility of the installations and the wide range in terms of efficiency, sizing and brands. This makes pinpointing the cost on a ductless split heat pump difficult. Here are some factors that will affect the cost of your ductless split air conditioner in Ottawa:

  1.  Size of unit needed-If you are intending to heat and cool a small space such as a bedroom you may only need 6,000-9,000 BTU’s of heat removal to make the room comfortable. If you are looking to cool a large space like a loft or an entire floor you are looking for a much larger unit. These parameters will affect the cost.
  2. Difficulty of installation-Is there 30 feet of exterior piping needed to connect your indoor unit to your outdoor OR is the piping length 10 feet? Do the installers need to traverse finished ceilings to connect your units? Is the electrical panel across a large finished basement from the outdoor unit? These are just a few items that need to be addressed in the quoting process.
  3. Quality of unit-Units range vastly in efficiency, warranty, sound levels and build quality. Depending on what type of unit you are looking for to suit your needs you may encounter vast differences in prices.
  4. Amount of indoor heads-As a ductless system is flexible in its installation, you may have multiple indoor heads installed on the same outdoor condenser.  The number of separate areas you would like to cool will vastly alter the pricing of your project.


As you can see putting a price on a ductless heat pump without evaluating many parameters is difficult. We tend to see that clients that are looking for cooling only (no heating ability) solutions often spend between $2500-$4000 for their single zone cooling system. Homeowners in Ottawa looking for a single zone heat pump average a spend of $2900-$5000. Clients looking to heat and cool multiple areas average costs between $3500-$7000. Those projects with 3-4 indoor zones connected to very high end outdoor units may spend $8500-$20,000 depending on the parameters. Please note that these prices were updated in the summer of 2023 and will change over time.

Absolutely! There are hundreds of combinations of ductless heat pumps that qualify for the maximum rebates available.  Please note that the ductless mini split must be the primary source of heating for the home, so multiple indoor heads will be necessary. 

This is a question we receive all the time.  In terms of quality and performance, we find Mitsubishi tends to deliver a consistently excellent product. The reality is that most brands are manufactured by the same two HVAC companies, Midea or Gree. Either of these manufacturers makes excellent products and when installed properly, they perform amazingly. We love the ductless heat pumps from Lennox, Bryant, Moovair and Comfortaire. 

NO! These units are incredibly quiet with indoor units running around 19 decibels and outdoor units running at whisper quiet levels around 55 decibels.  We always caution our customers that the only loud component in a ductless may be a condensate pump.  Most units do not require a condensate pump but if they are required, they tend to run louder than the actual heat pump.

A ductless heating system is enough to heat your home for most days of the year in a typical Ottawa home. Having said this, there will most certainly be days where the system will not be able to keep up on its own with our frigid temperatures. This is why we design custom systems from the ground up and provide our customers with options and transparent information.

We often design and implement hybrid systems that include alternate sources of heat for days where the temperature drops below what a heat pump can handle. This type of system can include a furnace, boiler, fireplace, or other alternate heating source to balance the load on the heat pump. This approach offers the best of both worlds; reliable heating during our Ottawa winters with the efficiency and performance of a heat pump.

Most of the ductless indoor heads ranged from 32 inches to 40 inches wide. These units stick off the wall around 8 inches. We generally get feedback that after a few months, the clients dont even notice they are there anymore. If you are adverse to the aesthetics of these units, ask about the dozens of other options we have! These include low wall units, concealed cassettes, fully ducted mini splits and even ductless heads that look like picture frames!

Some homeowners possess the skills and tools to install a mini split themselves.  The reality is, our technicians require an apprenticeship of 8000 hours to become a certified refrigeration technician, these years of experience allow them to install these units properly.  When working with electrical and refrigerant it is usually best to have a licensed professional complete the installation.  Finally, poorly designed systems lead to issues such as overcooling, poor dehumidification, mould growth or even fires. For these reasons we recommend a home comfort advisor designs and sizes the system.

The popularity of online stores selling these products has grown over the years.  We have helped homeowners install their own ductless units in the past but tend to advise against it.  Products purchased online generally have a lesser warranty, are difficult to find parts for and may be inferior quality.  Companies like Mitsubishi only sell to licensed technicians, which is the reason they have such a great reputation!

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