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Radon Remediation

Radon Remediation Services

At AirZone, we offer radon remediation services to ensure your family’s safety. Radon can be extremely dangerous to your health in found in your home! We are able to offer professional, certified tests to not only detect radon, but also recommend solutions based on dectected levels


Randon - Fan
Randon - Floor
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Ottawa Radon Installation

The picture on the right is an example of a radon remediation installation. This customer had elevated radon levels in their basement in Ottawa.
AirZone installed a system that sucks the air from underneath the concrete, thus reducing its exposure to the above basement. It is then vented safely outside.


Installation Difference

One of the main differences between AirZone and other providers in our attention to care. We want you to experience total indoor air comfort with quality equipment that will last – All at a great price. For our radon remediation services, we use rubber parts to reduce vibrations which virtually eliminates the fan noise. This is especially important for our customers who have a finished basement.


Radon Testing and Monitoring

AirZone HVAC Services offers an in depth radon analysis and testing procedure for your home.


We will monitor your radon levels over a period of 30 days. This gives us a very accurate reading due to the length of monitoring time involved. We use our monitor in areas where radon is likely present such as a basement, and provide the customer with a detailed lab report of our findings.


Radon In Depth Test Including Lab Report – $449.99 plus HST!