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Commercial & Industrial HVAC Services For Ottawa

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Commercial Heating & Cooling Services

AirZone HVAC Services is Ottawa’s premier provider of small commercial heating and cooling services.  Whether your business needs a new rooftop HVAC unit, a maintenance on the existing equipment or a service call related to no heat or no cooling, we are here to help! 
Our team offers a unique experience that sets us apart from many of the other service providers in the Ottawa area. We have a team of technicians that are trained and equipped to deal with the unique equipment that commercial properties utilize to heat/cool. We are able to service most styles of commercial HVAC equipment but we do so with the friendliness and customer service of a residential company. 
When you choose to work with AirZone HVAC Services for your commercial HVAC needs, you get the white glove service of a premier residential company as well as the expertise of a commercial contractor. 
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Commercial Heating Ottawa

AirZone HVAC Services provides Ottawa commercial heating services for all sizes of business. We offer service, maintenance and installation of a wide variety of commercial heating solutions. Whether it is a boiler, rooftop unit, heat pump, warehouse heater or furnace we have options to suit all budgets and needs.

If you are looking to save money on your utility bills or make sure your old unit is working to the best of its abilities, AirZone HVAC Service’s commercial division can help you out. 

Commercial Air Quality Testing Ottawa

We spend so much time in our offices and workspace and having clean healthy air is imperative.  We offer air quality testing services for all types of commercial spaces in Ottawa.  These tests deliver a comprehensive report detailing things like carbon dioxide levels, particulates in the air and VOC levels. We also offer remediation systems if issues are found.

We can help deliver peace of mind to both the business owner, employee and customer. With an in depth air quality report from AirZone HVAC Services your business  and team can breathe easy knowing your commercial space is healthy and safe.

Commercial Cooling Ottawa

Keeping your staff and customers cool and comfortable all year is a must for any business. At AirZone HVAC Services we can service, maintain or replace your commercial cooling system. 

We have options for all small businesses from highly efficient heat pump cooling to traditional rooftop cooling units. Whether you are looking to cool your storefront or keep your offices perfectly comfortable, we are here to help design the best solutions for your business needs.

Commercial Maintenance Ottawa

Having working, reliable and safe HVAC equipment is important for businesses throughout Ottawa.  An untimely breakdown is not only costly for a business but also a nuisance no company owner wants. With our flexible and custom maintenance plans, your business can continue doing what they are good at and not worry about heating and cooling issues! 

As a premier commercial heating/cooling contractor we can ensure your equipment is fine tuned and running safely.  From filter changes to seasonal changeovers, we have your building covered!

Featured Ottawa Commercial HVAC Solutions

Ductless Heat Pumps

Ductless heat pumps have become an increasingly popular choice for commercial heating and cooling solutions. This is because of how customizable the install designs are combined with the incredible efficiencies of the units. Systems such like this can allow different office spaces or different rental units to run their own independent unit at whatever temperature they are comfortable with. Furthermore, the push towards green technology has made electrically operated heat pumps a great choice for building owners that are looking to lower utility bills and help the environment.

Rooftop Heating and Cooling Units

One of the most popular and conventional systems for heating and cooling commercial spaces is the rooftop unit. AirZone HVAC Services specializes in offering competitive pricing and multiple options for replacing existing rooftop units. These systems are a convenient packaged unit that is generally installed on the roof where it is safe and out of sight. Our team can help you out with more modern and efficient rooftop units that utilize heat pump technology or traditional gas heating. From removing and recycling the old unit to coordinating a crane to get the new unit on the roof, AirZone HVAC Services is a one stop shop for your commercial rooftop unit needs in Ottawa.

Warehouse Unit Heaters

AirZone HVAC Services specializes in supplying and installing warehouse unit heaters. Whether it is a small garage or a large warehouse we can help with our expert design and installation services. Our team can run the gas piping, coordinate the electrical needs and get your warehouse toasty warm. With decades of experience in warehouses both large and small, we have installed hundreds of these units. These units are convenient as they can be hung safely out of the way to ensure there is no damage from forklifts or trucks. Furthermore, they are robust and can handle dust, debris and constantly opening and closing doors that may make the temperature in the space fluctuate.

Commercial Boilers

Hydronic heating is an amazing way to keep a commercial space (large or small) warm all winter long. With a wide array of boiler options, the experts at AirZone HVAC Services can help you design and install a boiler system that is reliable and cost effective. We can tie these boiler systems into infloor radiant floor, typical radiators or even forced air systems to ensure your space is always comfortable. Boilers are popular for commercial spaces as they avoid unsightly ductwork and can provide large amounts of heat to spaces. Furthermore we can help you incorporate your hot water needs into your space heating with commercial combi boilers or storage tanks.

Commercial Air Conditioner

Keeping your commercial space cool and comfortable throughout the summer is essential to ensure you have happy employees and customers! There are many different ways to keep a commercial space temperate in the summertime. AirZone HVAC Services can supply and install commercial air conditioners in the Ottawa area. Whether you utilize a rooftop air conditioner, a ductless air conditioner or a full VRF system, we can help install the most efficient and reliable commercial cooling solutions on the market. From office spaces, schools to shopping centres and apartments, we offer air conditioners for the majority of commercial applications and would be pleased to consult with you on your commercial cooling needs.

Commercial Air Quality Devices

Not only do we offer commercial air quality testing, but we also offer dozens of options for improving the air quality of your commercial space. Commercial ventilation devices are a popular way to ensure your space has fresh clean air. HRVs/ERVs exhaust stale air and bring in crisp fresh air all while being energy efficient. Things like HEPA filters, UV lights and carbon filters are all options offered by AirZone HVAC Services to ensure your staff and clients are breathing the best air possible. Not only can we help you identify if any issues are present in your space, we can make sure you are given cost effective solutions to improve the indoor air quality climate immediately.

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Green HVAC Commercial Solutions Ottawa

As industry trends continue to evolve, everyone is trying to do their part to help the environment. Commercial heating and cooling units can be a major culprit in wasted energy and carbon emissions. For this reason we offer free consultations with building owners to help them work towards saving money on utilities and helping lower their carbon footprint. 
We offer complimentary consultations to discuss your current heating and cooling equipment and how you can improve upon your energy usage. During this consultation we will generally discuss your current usage and how you control the units. Our advisors may recommend things like smart thermostats and can teach you how to program your building to operate more efficiently.
If you are using an old air conditioner to cool the space, chances are you are leaving a lot of money on the table in terms of energy usage! Our team can discuss the new and improved technology that highly efficient air conditioners/heat pumps can offer!  Did you know that a 20 year old air conditioner may be half as efficient as a new heat pump?  Allow our team to custom tailor designs for your building to help you drastically bring down your carbon footprint. 
One of our team’s specialties is designing and installing custom ductless solutions. Not only do these systems drastically improve comfort in most commercial spaces but they help business owners cut energy usage substantially. One reason these units tend to help building owners save money is zoning. When the boardroom is not in use, the ductless head can be turned off! The occupied spaces can continue to be heated/cooled and the unused spaces can be turned off. Typically, a building will have a standard single unit and single thermostat, meaning all rooms must be conditioned at the same time. Allow our experts to help you hone your space’s comfort! 

Ottawa Commercial HVAC Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, rooftop hvac service, maintenance and installation is one of our specialties!  Our team can help assist you with all of your rooftop HVAC needs. 

This is a common question and a tough one to answer. The best system is one that delivers you the comfort and efficiency you expect as a building owner, all within your budget. Depending on how the space is used, we can help you customize the best option. 

Yes! AirZone HVAC Services regularly services, maintains and installs commercial boilers in Ottawa.

We regularly work with Ottawa area contractors to build new commercial buildings. Whether it is a warehouse, retail storefront or multi unit dwelling, chances are we can help!

We work with many different brands and can supply and install almost every HVAC brand. Of course we have our favorites like Lennox, Mitsubishi, Bryant and Rheem.
Our company has an oncall service team to help with your commercial needs should it be an emergency.