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Choosing the correct furnace for your home can be a challenge with all of the products available. We provide you with expert advice on which system would work best in your home without overselling.

Our team of certified high efficiency furnace experts are highly trained to properly size your furnace and provide more information about the furnace products available to you including green furnace choices that help our environment.

Lennox EL296V furnace installed in Ottawa home. Buy New Furnace, Furnace Installation
Amana AMVM97
Ultra Green

Amana AMVM97

When it comes to reliable and efficient heating solutions for the harsh winters in Ottawa, the Amana AMVM97 furnace stands

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Bryant Gas Furnace
Ultra Green

Bryant 987M

Bryant’s signature furnace, the 987M is a fully modulating gas valve, guaranteeing perfect comfort all winter long! Pair this furnace

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Rheem R98V High Efficiency Furnace
Ultra Green

Rheem R98MV

Rheem’s most advanced and efficient gas furnace. The R98MV boasts efficiencies up to 98% and offers a fully variable gas

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Bryant Gas Furnace
Very Efficient

Bryant 926T

Bryant is a trusted name in heating and cooling. The Bryant 926T has a two stage gas valve, variable speed

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Rheem R96V available from AirZone HVAC Services
Very Efficient

Rheem R962V

The Rheem R962V furnace is an update on AirZone HVAC Services most popular gas furnace(R96V)! Combining incredible reliability with outstanding

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Rheem R96V High Efficiency Furnace
Very Efficient

Rheem R96V

The Rheem R96V furnace is AirZone HVAC Services most popular gas furnace! Combining incredible reliability with outstanding performance, all at

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Bosch BHG96 High Efficiency Furnace
Very Efficient

Bosch BGH96


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Rheem R96T High Efficiency Furnace
Very Efficient

Rheem R96T

A budget friendly furnace that offers amazing reliability and efficiencies. The R96T has efficiencies up to 96% and offers a

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Rheem R98V High Efficiency Furnace
Ultra Green

Rheem R98V


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Lennox SLP99V High Efficiency Furnace
Ultra Green

Lennox SLP99V

Discover Unmatched Comfort with the Lennox SLP99V Furnace At AirZone HVAC Services, we understand that your comfort at home matters.

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Types of Furnace Available By Fuel Type

Natural Gas / Propane Furnace

The most popular type of furnace installed in Ottawa residential homes in recent years has been natural gas or propane furnace. Natural gas is used when available and propane is used typically in more rural areas. These furnaces are identical in terms of efficiency and design and generally come with a conversion kit to allow for natural gas or propane usage. 

A gas furnace installed in Ottawa will be a minimum of 90% efficient with some units boasting numbers as high as 99% efficiency. This means that for every dollar you spend on fuel, 99 cents goes into heating the home and only one cent is wasted through the flue pipe.  There are many sub categories within the gas furnace lineup that allows for homeowners to choose a unit that fits their home, budget and comfort needs.

Electric Furnace

With the current push to electrify our energy sector and choose more green alternatives, electric furnaces are becoming a more popular choice in Ottawa.  When paired with a cold climate heat pump, electric heating has become a much more affordable option than in years past. 

Electric furnaces are considered to be 100% efficient as they do not create any wasted energy during operation.  When considering a new furnace for your home, electric furnaces are a great option as they do not require any chimneys or flue pipes like a fuel burning appliance. Homeowners also enjoy the added benefit of safety with electric furnaces as they do not produce any carbon monoxide during operation. 

Oil Furnace

At AirZone HVAC Services, we have phased out the installation of oil furnaces due to their inefficiency and environmental impact. We focus on providing more sustainable and efficient heating solutions for Ottawa homeowners, such as natural gas, propane, and electric furnaces.

Our commitment to eco-friendly practices ensures that our clients benefit from modern, energy-efficient heating systems that reduce carbon footprints and enhance overall home comfort.

Of note, many homeowner insurance plans no longer cover oil furnaces and in home oil tanks (and issues arising from their presence in the home).

Sustainable Furnace products

Interested in the Most Efficient Furnace?

If you want the most efficient furnace, you are looking for a modulating variable speed furnace.

A variable speed modulating furnaces offers many benefits including:

  • A reduced noise level due to the motor running at a lower speed.
  • Better air circulation in your home – including during the summer when paired with an air conditioner or heat pump.
    Greater humidity control.
  • A reduction in utility costs.
  • An improvement in indoor air quality.
  • Remote diagnostics when paired with a communicating thermostat.
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Quality Furnace Installations

At AirZone HVAC Services, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality furnace installations in Ottawa. Our team of highly qualified technicians specializes in the installation of natural gas and propane gas high-efficiency furnaces, as well as electric furnaces that offer the best efficiency possible. We ensure every installation meets our rigorous standards for quality, helping Ottawa homeowners enjoy reliable, efficient heating. Our installations are designed to maximize your home’s comfort and energy efficiency, providing you with the best possible performance from your heating system.

We are committed to offering top-tier service and expertise in furnace installation. Our extensive experience with natural gas, propane, and electric furnaces ensures that we can recommend and install the best system for your specific needs. By choosing AirZone HVAC Services, you benefit from our dedication to excellence, ensuring your new furnace is installed correctly and operates efficiently. Our goal is to provide Ottawa homeowners with high-efficiency heating solutions that reduce energy costs and improve overall comfort.

Maintenance and Repair Services

At AirZone HVAC Services, we offer top-notch maintenance and repair services to keep your heating and cooling systems in optimal condition. Our 24-hour emergency service ensures you’re never left without heating or cooling when you need it most. We provide flexible one-off maintenance visits, allowing you to schedule professional check-ups for your furnace or air conditioner at your convenience. By combining furnace and air conditioner maintenance into a single visit, you can take advantage of significant cost savings.

For those seeking comprehensive care, our Family and Family+ Membership Plans are ideal. These plans include annual maintenance for your heating and cooling systems, along with priority service, significant discounts, and optional parts and labor insurance for added peace of mind. Members receive their first maintenance service for free and benefit from convenient monthly payments. Whether you choose a single maintenance visit or a comprehensive membership plan, AirZone HVAC Services ensures your home remains comfortable and efficient throughout the year.

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Proven Performance And Durability

Our Most Purchased Furnace in Ottawa

With the recent addition of RHEEM to our furnace manufacturer lineup AirZone HVAC Services is now able to offer consumers in Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley an extensive line of furnace products to meet almost any heating need.

Interested in the most reliable furnace according to Consumer Reports? Look no further than the Rheem R96V! This two stage 96% efficient furnace boasts a variable dc volt motor and is available in gas or propane. Other furnace features include communicating diagnostics and 360+1 engineering.


One furnace in particular has consistently stood out from the crowd and is currently our most purchased Ottawa heater. This product is the RHEEM R96V High Efficiency Furnace.

AirZone HVAC Services offers a full line of Rheem furnace products alongside our other manufacturers which include Amana and Lennox. All installations are different and custom to the specific home. Every home requires a different sized unit, different materials to complete the project and varying amounts of labour. For these reasons we must use a price range on certain products listed. These prices are for supply, install and warranty. Due to the custom nature of the work, an in home site assessment is needed to verify pricing.

Furnace FAQ

Our most popular entry level Ottawa furnace right now is the high efficiency Amana AMEC96 furnace. There is a long list of reasons that this furnace has been flying off of our shelves in Ottawa and the Valley, and we have included some of the highlighted benefits below.

Two Stage Gas Valve: This furnace is capable of operating in three different states (Off, Low Speed, and High Speed). By utilizing the lower speed this furnace delivers exceptional high efficiency operation and a significant improvement in indoor air comfort when compared to a single stage product. The furnace typically operates at the low speed when the higher speed is not needed. The high speed is able to deliver powerful heating during the coldest of days.

Quiet Operation: This furnace has special sound dampening insulation resulting in a quieter operation. A heavy gauge steel shell and sound isolated blower assembly help to lower the operating noise of this heater. This is further reduced when operating in low mode. Enjoy great performance at a great price without being bothered by all the noise that a non-insulated furnace will create.

Rebate Qualification: An important consideration when choosing a furnace is to take advantage of any rebates available. Due to it’s high efficiency rating, this AMEC96V Amana furnace qualifies for the IESO 250 rebate.

Amana Quality at a GREAT Price: Amana is a very well know manufacturer of high efficiency furnace products and is very popular in Ottawa and the Valley. In fact, many HVAC experts consider Amana to produce the best value of furnace when considering performance and price. Amana offers a great entry level product that is perfect for first time homebuyers, rental units, and consumers looking to purchase a great furnace at a great low price.

Our clients in Ottawa and the Valley love this furnace due to it’s perfect balance of efficiency, price, and quality.

Did you know that you may receive a discount if you are considering a combo purchase? There are many benefits to having your furnace and air conditioner installation completed at the same time! Ask us about how you can save by having a new furnace and air conditioner installed at the same time. 

This type of combo installation is ideal because it offers the least inconvenience for the homeowner. You will also receive the benefit of having new heating and cooling equipment installed that works together a part of an optimized system. This results in the most energy saving benefits alongside an increase in home comfort and precision temperate control.

We take our role as a leader in furnace installations very seriously. Our company was built with a customer first approach. In order to exceed our client’s expectations, we provide ongoing in house furnace installation training to our installers in addition to their certifications. We also maintain our high standards by following installation checklists to ensure that every detail is taken care of in a professional manner.

Our furnace installers are expected to leave your home as clean as it was (or cleaner) before they arrive with as small an inconvenience as possible for the homeowner and residents. We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau along with a large history of positive reviews on Homestars, Google Places and Facebook.

We encourage our customers to search our name to view recent reviews about our company. We are proud of our high quality furnace installation history and our dedication to customer service!

Did you know that AirZone has a very large coverage area? We supply, install, repair, and maintain furnaces across the greater Ottawa area. Our most popular installation areas include Kanata, Nepean, Orleans, Gloucester, and Barrhaven.

By offering such a large coverage area we keep a large fleet of vehicles in different locations to ensure speedy service.

A common question we receive from our customers is when they should replace their furnace. Most often, homeowners wait until the last minute to have their furnace replaced. This is usually when they are facing a large repair bill or their furnace has stopped working completely. There are many factors to consider when deciding on the right time to replace your heating equipment.


Furnace Efficiency – If you have a furnace that is 12 years or older it may be time to start considering the benefits of a new heater. Older furnaces require a lot more resources to run and technological innovations have made new furnace products exceptionally efficient. The cost of a new furnace can be offset by the energy savings. This is also something to consider if you are financing you new heating product since the monthly cost is reduced by savings on your utility bill.


Repair Cost – Before you go ahead with a costly repair, take the time to consider how long your furnace should operate. There is a breaking point where you will be throwing away money with furnace repairs and instead should consider a new heater. We can help calculate this for you to show you the right time to move on to new equipment.


Furnace Age – A broken down furnace almost always results in a higher cost than if you plan a new installation. By planning your furnace purchase ahead of time, you can take advantage of dealer promotions, government incentives, and avoid an emergency heating call. By being proactive with your furnace installation you are sure to save and not be inconvenienced by a broken down product.

We have redesigned our protection packages to offer a better value for our customers! The new family and family+ protection plans have replaced our silver, gold and platinum protection packages.

For our existing customers who were previously a member we will be reaching out with details about the new packages and to let you know about the added benefits of the new program.

As we step into 2024, Ottawa homeowners are faced with the critical task of selecting the right furnace to stay warm during the cold Canadian winters. With advancements in furnace technology and efficiency, choosing the perfect furnace has become more than just a price decision; it’s about understanding what fits your home’s specific needs. The market now offers single-stage, two-stage, and modulating furnaces, each tailored for different comfort and efficiency levels. High-efficiency models, indicated by an AFUE rating of 90% or higher, are recommended for substantial energy savings and environmental benefits. However, the initial investment varies based on furnace type and features. Entry-level furnaces may start from $3,800, mid-range options can reach up to $6,500, and high-end models could cost $10,000 or more, plus HST. At AirZone HVAC Services, we guide you through the entire process, from sizing to selecting features that enhance comfort and reduce long-term costs. Contact us today for a personalized consultation and a free quote tailored to the unique requirements of your Ottawa home. Let us help you make an informed decision to ensure your comfort through the winters of 2024 and beyond.

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency is a rating that allows to to understand how efficient a furnace is performing in terms of efficiency. Consider every 1 dollar you spend on heating your home. A furnace with an AFUE rating of 96% would provide 96 cents of usable heat out of the dollar spent. This is an easy way to analyze and compare furnaces with different efficiency ratings.

We recommend furnaces that have at least a 96% AFUE ratings since these products often qualify for additional government rebates (versus lower efficiency models).

Ductwork is often forgotten when considering a home heating system. Your furnace supplies air throughout your home via a series of ducts. If these ducts are leaking you may be spilling air into the wrong spots in your home.

A common problem indicator is when rooms that are further away are much colder than rooms close to the furnace. Also, a poorly designed duct system may restrict airflow resulting in poor heating equality. This usually leads to a homeowner turning up their furnace to compensate for the colder rooms. This reduces your home efficiency and makes certain rooms less comfortable.

A new furnace will not fix ductwork issues. Instead, make sure to analyze your ducting system when considering your home’s efficiency and comfort. Products such as fan boosters can help to equalize heating in your home, and duct sealing is always a good option to improve efficiency and duct performance.

Due to our broad coverage area across Eastern Ontario, we deal with a lot of oil furnaces. Furnaces that use oil as a fuel are becoming less and less common due to their operational cost. For customers outside of the city, propane is a much more affordable alternative. In order to make the switch from oil to propane a conversion must be completed. Once done, your will see a very large reduction in fuel costs.

For clients living in the Ottawa area, natural gas is the best choice for a high efficiency furnace. The availability of natural gas in your area usually decides whether you will have a natural gas or propane furnace installed in your home.

The first thing you should do when considering a new furnace for your home is have your equipment sized correctly. British Thermal Units (BTU) provide a measurement of the amount of heat generated from your furnace (output). Residential furnaces are available from 40,000 BTU all the way up to 120,000 BTU. This is one of the most important reasons to choose an expert heating company who will size your system correctly.

A under-powered furnace will result in rooms that are warmer and colder throughout the home. Further, a furnace that is not pushing enough warm air has to work that much harder. This will result in a furnace with a reduced lifespan along with higher utility costs. By having your furnace properly sized, it will perform as it should providing much more consistent heating throughout your home.

AirZone has extensive experience with properly sizing residential furnaces across Ottawa and the Valley. Contact us today for a free estimate on a new furnace even if you are just looking for a second opinion.

As an Ottawa Heating leader, we are proud of the reputation we have built. We maintain a 5 star rating on Google and Facebook, along with our A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. We have earned this reputation through high quality furnace installations by consistently delivering heaters that are both durable and long lasting. Our high efficiency furnace installations are done by expert installers that are directly employed by AirZone.


When it comes to choosing a Ottawa Heating company, look no further than AirZone for a high quality furnace installation done right the first time. This is backed by our guaranteed quality along with a labour warranty directly from our company.

In addition to our high efficiency new furnace sales, AirZone is proud to offer a complete service and repair program for all brands of heater. Our technicians are specially trained to look at the value proposition for a new furnace purchase and compare this directly with furnace repair costs. Common signs that you furnace needs to be repaired or replaced include a spike in utility bills, loud furnace noises, or a broken furnace blowing cold air in Ottawa or the Valley.

By choosing AirZone you will get the best honest advice on when to replace your heater. We are interested in providing you with the proper information and are not looking for a quick furnace sale (which we commonly see when it is not needed).

At AirZone HVAC Services, we understand the importance of keeping your furnace in peak condition, especially during Ottawa’s cold winters. That’s why we offer our Family Maintenance Membership, a comprehensive service package designed to ensure your heating system operates efficiently and reliably all year round. This membership includes regular check-ups, priority service, and special rates on repairs. Regular maintenance not only extends the lifespan of your furnace but also helps in identifying potential issues before they turn into costly repairs. Enroll in our Family Maintenance Membership today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home’s heating is in expert hands.

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