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High Efficiency Furnace Products

Airzone HVAC Services carries a complete line of furnaces from the top three manufacturers in Ottawa; Amana, American Standard, and Lennox. Having had the choice of almost any supplier in the industry, we have chosen these three because we believe that they represent the best quality, efficiency, and value for our clients.

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Choosing the correct furnace for your home can be a challenge with all of the products available. We would be happy to provide you with expert advice on which system would work best in your home through our FREE home consultation program.

Our team of certified high efficiency furnace experts are highly trained to properly size your furnace and provide more information about the furnace products available to you.

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Featured High Efficiency Furnaces

Lennox SLP98V Furnace

Lennox SLP98V High Efficiency Furnace

American Standard S9V2 Furnace

American Standard S9V2 High Efficiency Furnace

Aire Flo 95AF2V Furnace

Aire-Flo 95AF2V High Efficiency Furnace

American Standard S9V2 High Efficiency Furnace

Our Most Purchased Ottawa High Efficiency Furnace

With the recent addition of American Standard to our furnace manufacturer lineup AirZone HVAC Services is now able to offer consumers in Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley an extensive line of furnace products to meet almost any heating need.


One furnace in particular has consistently stood out from the crowd and is currently our most purchased Ottawa heater. This product is the American Standard S9V2 High Efficiency Variable Speed Furnace.


Let us start by saying this is one good looking product! Maybe it’s because we are in the industry, but we find that this furnace is a heater that you will want to show off to your friends! Two UV shields are placed on the unit. One provides a view of the burner, and one shows the self diagnostic screen. This Ottawa furnace product really stands out from the crowd!

Of course looks aren’t everything… It’s what is inside that really counts. American Standard is one of the top brands when it comes to reliability and performance. One of the most popular features of the S9V2 is it’s best in class air production per watt. The benefit here is that hard to heat rooms in your home will be more equalized due to the Panasonic Vortex motor. This means less temperature compensation (rooms are too hot to make far away rooms comfortable) and much greater efficiency.


Another highlight of the S9V2 furnace is the heaters ability to provide constant comfort. This Ottawa furnace offers a comfort range of only 1 degree. This is compared to 2.5 degrees with our AMEC furnace product. Imagine less temperature fluctuations and consistent heating… This almost always leads to a better nights rest without having to put the blankets on and off as the furnace operates.


If you are looking for a furnace with best in class blower, dazzling appearance, constant comfort, and don’t want to blow the budget on the top of the line SLP98V, this is the furnace for you! It’s why it is our most popular Ottawa heater right now.

Interested in the Most Efficient Furnace?

If you want the most efficient furnace, you are looking for a modulating variable speed furnace.


With American Standard, Lennox and Amana variable speed modulating furnaces, you will enjoy the following benefits:


  • A reduced noise level due to the motor running at a lower speed.
  • Better air circulation in your home – including during the summer when paired with an air conditioner or heat pump.
    Greater humidity control.
  • A reduction in utility costs.
  • An improvement in indoor air quality.
  • Remote diagnostics when paired with a communicating thermostat.

Quality Furnace Installations

Our furnace installation services is the best in the business! We use highly qualified employees for our installations to ensure quality. Our annual maintenance programs help you to save money every month on your utility bills, maintain your furnace warranty, and help to avoid the inconvenience of a breakdown.

Our furnace diagnostic and repair service allows you to get a second opinion and does not lock you into a repair. Our trucks are stocked with the most common repair parts for all brands of furnaces installed in the greater Ottawa area. This allows for a faster repair service. Our furnace protection packages provide easy low monthly installments and scheduled service so you never miss a furnace maintenance. They also help you to save money through discounted services!

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Due to our high volume, we have some of the best prices in the city on quality furnaces and accessories! Most of our furnaces are ENERGY STAR® qualified, meaning they can significantly lower your utility bills when compared to conventional models. For optimal comfort and efficiency, a gas furnace can be combined with an electric heat pump in one dual-fuel system.