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Expert Furnace Repair


In Ottawa and the Valley, it is critical that your furnace is operating at it’s best. AirZone HVAC Services provides quality repair services for your furnace and complete HVAC system.


If you are interested in receiving free diagnostics, check out our protection packages For a low monthly fee, you will receive annual maintenance and a large number of other benefits including diagnostics!


Furnace Repair

We offer two repair services: Regular Service and After Hours Service.


Regular Service

If you are able to schedule a diagnostic call during regular business hours this option is for you. We will come out and diagnose any issues with your furnace and recommend the appropriate repairs. Often, we are able to complete the repair on site.



After Hours Service

Unable to schedule an appointment during business hours? We offer a convenient service allowing our trained technicians to visit and troubleshoot your furnace after hours. Note that our after hours service is different from our emergency service.


And remember, our protection packages offer a great value to help reduce the cost of service visits.



Furnace Repair In Ottawa
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