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Central Moov Cold Climate Heat Pump

Amazing heat performance at a fair price

Cold Climate heat pumps are a fully electric product that are becoming increasingly popular in the Canadian market. When looking for a heat pump system that can heat properly in our Ottawa climate, it is important that the unit can operate efficiently at temperatures below -15, and this system can do just that! The Central Moovair can produce over 80% of its rated capacity at temperatures as low as -30C. This heat pump operates incredibly quietly and is an amazing tool in reducing your carbon footprint.

Cold climate heat pump installed by Ottawa Moovair dealer AirZone HVAC Services.

Why Moovair heat pump?

This system fully replaces your traditional gas furnace and allows you to heat and cool your home efficiently without producing any harmful carbon by products. The Moovair system was hand selected by one of Canada’s largest and most reputable HVAC distributors. They sought out a product that had a proven track record of success and tailored it for the Canadian market.

When you choose a Moovair central heat pump you are choosing an HVAC system that ticks all of the boxes that a homeowner is looking for! This heat pump is efficient, affordable, reliable and offers the cutting edge technology that you deserve.

When choosing a heat pump system, one of the most important parameters is the COP (coefficient of performance). This metric tells you how much heat you can produce and how much electricity it will take to do so. With performance up to 4 COP, this means that the Moovair can effectively produce 4 times more energy than it utilizes.

The Central Moov heat pump comes with an industry leading ten years parts and ten year compressor warranty, ensuring you have complete peace of mind when it comes to your home comfort. All of this is packaged in a compact and sleek unit, giving you more space in your yard! These systems operate at sound levels that are nearly half of a traditional air conditioning system.

Heat pump rebates

Due to its incredible efficiency ratings, the Central Moov qualifies for the maximum rebates offered. Receive up to $6500 back as part of the HER+ program, making this awesome heat pump system and incredibly affordable option for home owners.

Indoor Moovair product Ottawa.
Moveair Heat Pump Ductless Outdoor Unit Ottawa

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