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Annual Maintenance

Annual Maintenance and Protection Packages

Maintaining your heating and cooling equipment is a very important part of your annual household maintenance. Did you know that most major manufacturers of furnaces and air conditioner require annual maintenance in order to honour your parts warranty?

At AirZone HVAC Services, we offer two different services to ensure that your equipment is properly maintained: Annual Maintenance and Protection Packages.

Annual HVAC Maintenance Ottawa


Only $139.00 for your furnace, ac, or fireplace.

Annual maintenance is an on demand service that we offer for furnaces, air conditioners, and fireplaces. This is a one time service that is billed in one payment after the site visit is complete.

This is a great option for customers who would like to try our services and pay at the time versus a low monthly payment.


From only $9.99 per month for your furnace, ac, or fireplace.

The Protection Packages offered from AirZone include annual maintenance visits (charged per appliance). They offer a greater value over our annual maintenance service.

Become part of the AirZone family and receive benefits throughout the year including priority response times and reduced labour rates!

Did you know that you can service your furnace at any time of the year? By combining your furnace annual maintenance with your air conditioner annual maintenance, you can enjoy additional savings! Ask us how you can save up to 20% OFF through our protection packages!

What is Included With Annual Maintenance?

Furnace Maintenance Ottawa

Air Conditioner Maintenance Ottawa

Filter Replacement

Emergency HVAC Service