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Boreal Cold Climate Heat Pump

Cold Climate Heating

The Boreal Enermaxx is an excellent option for anyone in the Ottawa area that is looking to lower their carbon footprint. This cold climate heat pump offers incredible performance and industry leading warranties all at a very appealing price point. The Boreal brand is another well known manufacturer(Gree) rebranded and tweaked for the Canadian market. This product is supplied by one of Canada’s leading HVAC suppliers and provides amazing heating and cooling.

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Fully Electric Cold Climate Heating

The Boreal Enermaxx is an appealing option for homeowners that are looking to completely rid their homes of gas heating. Much like our other popular heat pump options, the Boreal Enermaxx offers a fully variable compressor to ensure you are always receiving the perfect amount of heating or cooling. One of the best features of this system is it’s flexibility. This cold climate heat pump is compatible with virtually any 24v thermostat system. This means that you can control this system with popular thermostats like the Ecobee and NEST. Furthermore, this heat pump can be installed on virtually any furnace if you are not looking to fully convert to electricity.

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Key Features of the Heat Pump

People love the quiet operation of the Boreal Enermaxx. These systems operate at only half the decibel ratings of traditional systems. The efficiency ratings are just as impressive as the sound levels! The enermaxx runs at up to 20 SEER which is nearly double the efficiency of a standard air conditioner. In heating mode, this cold climate heat pump can produce generous amounts of heat down to temperatures below -30C! It can accomplish these impressive heating feats while maintaining a high COP, which means it will keep you comfortable while keeping your utility bills as low as possible! Any of the matched Boreal systems offered by an AirZone Home Comfort advisor will qualify for the full HER+ rebate as well as the Greener Homes rebates.

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