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Heating & Cooling Services For Kanata, Ontario

Kanata is the original home of AirZone HVAC Services. From humble beginnings out of the owners home in central Kanata to the company we are today, we have a soft spot for the area. The vast majority of our original clientele reside in the area. We have completed thousands of installations in Kanata and serviced thousands more homes.

From the typical furnace/air conditioner set up we see in this area to custom homes using hydronic heating/ heat pumps. We have installed, serviced and maintained every system under the sun in Kanata.

If you are looking for an HVAC contractor that cares and is a local family owned business, AirZone HVAC Services is you best option!

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Kanata’s Heating & Cooling Specialists

The tech-savvy community of Kanata deserves nothing less than the specialized heating and cooling services offered by AirZone HVAC Services. We understand the innovation that drives Kanata, providing HVAC systems that are both high-tech and energy-efficient, ensuring your comfort is managed intelligently and sustainably.

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Kanata HVAC Protection & Maintenance Packages

We have completely redesigned our annual maintenance and protection packages to bring you the maximum value possible!

Introducing the FAMILY and FAMILY+ plans; the worry free protection and maintenance plans to keep your heating and cooling system running at its best. We have also updated the program to include coverage for equipment such as heat pumps as the industry shifts to take advantage of advancements in home heating and cooling systems.


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