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Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV and ERVs)

Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV) from AirZone

Interested in improving your indoor air quality and enjoying monthly savings on your utility bills?


A HRV has a number of benefits and are especially important for new homes that are air tight and cannot release humidity.


At AirZone, we specialize in HRV products and bring you a high quality line from our major HRV/ERV suppliers Aldes and Nuair.

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Experts at Improving Indoor Air Quality

At AirZone, we specialize in improving your indoor air quality. A HRV is a great premium option to control humidity levels, reduce utility bills, and enjoy cleaner air in your home.


The home construction quality has increased significantly in Ottawa and the Valley over the past years. This is due to a combination of more technologically advanced products and stricter building requirements. The result is homes that are so well insulated they don’t let the outside air in. This is great for heating and cooling costs, but comes at the price of reduced air quality in the home.


With so many homes having hardwood flooring, humidity control is extremely important. A HRV helps to control humidity and bring clean air into the home.

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Ottawa HRV Products and Our Top HRV Brands

At AirZone HVAC Services we are proud to supply and install two top Canadian brands that provide ventilation solutions for any home. Aldes is an industry leading ventilation supplier that offers top of the line technology packaged in cost effective solutions for your home. Nuair offers a wide range of ventilation devices that come equipped with user friendly control options and flexible installations. We use multiple suppliers so that we can match the perfect system to your home!

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What are the benefits of an HRV/ERV?


HRV’s allow you to exchange the stale air in your home with fresh, crisp outdoor air.  Air that is trapped inside our air tight homes begins to become laden with CO2 simply from inhabitants breathing and going about their daily routines.


By exchanging indoor with outdoor air, you introduce oxygen rich air to your home, ensuring all people living in the space avoid irratinants, chemicals and viruses that may be present in the home.


The air in our homes is generally much less clean than outdoor air. This occurs due to a combination of factors including, off gassing of home materials, CO2 from inhabitants, dust and particulate matter and viruses and bacteria. All of these parameters can create an unhealthy home which inturn can lead to allergies, sickness and fatigue.


A ventilation system can vastly improve the quality of air in your home and in turn vastly increase your quality of life.


One of the best benefits of a ventilation system is odour control. Whether it be smoke, cooking or pet odours, a ventilation system can exhaust those smells to the outdoors while introducing fresh air. Homes that suffer from musty basements also see massive improvements in the overall smell of the home when allowing for the proper amount of air exchanges. 


For those utilizing an HRV as a substitute for bathroom fans, the system eliminates bathroom odours in a similar fashion that a typical bathroom fan would, with the added bonus of energy efficiency.


With our balmy winter temperatures, many homeowners in Ottawa experience moisture control issues in the winter months. 


An HRV allows you to set desired humidity levels to ensure you do not deal with dreaded moisture laden windows throughout the winter season. In comparison, ERV’s allow you to introduce fresh air into your home in the summer, while controlling the incoming moisture. 


We all want clean, healthy air all summer long and an ERV allows this without introducing muggy outdoor air into your air stream.

Heat Recovery Ventilation System in Ottawa

The majority of homeowners in the Ottawa and Ottawa Valley are utilizing heat recovery ventilation systems in order to combat stale air due to air tight home construction. Many others are simply seeking to exchange air to ensure their family is breathing the cleanest, freshest air possible.


For older homes in the Ottawa area, these air exchanges are happening simply through bathroom fans and infiltration of air through leaky homes.


The reason we are using heat recovery ventilators in Ottawa is directly related to our frigid winter temperatures. In older homes, cold air leaks into the home and forces your home’s HVAC system to work overtime to ensure the house is kept at a comfortable temperature.


The HRV allows you to retain 50%-70% of your home’s heat when introducing clean, fresh air into the home. This happens through a heating core designed to capture the heat from the stale air that is exiting your home.  This equals energy efficiency bonuses meaning you can enjoy the benefits of an HRV without breaking the bank.

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New homes in Ottawa are taking this energy savings plan to a new level, by replacing bathroom fans with a fully dedicated HRV system you allow your home to exhaust moisture while still retaining the heat in your home. If you are looking to breathe the cleanest possible air while achieving your home’s optimal energy efficiency levels a ventilation system may be your best option!


Both of our leading partners (Aldes and Nuair) offer HRVs and ERVs. An HRV is a heat recovery ventilator and is excellent and retaining your home’s heat when bringing in fresh air during our frigid winters.  During the summer months you can still run your HRV to bring in fresh air but during this process you are introducing hot, humid air directly into your home. This can cause your air conditioner to work overtime in an attempt to keep the house cool and dry.


An ERV is an energy recovery ventilator and can be very beneficial during the summer months. The core of an ERV has the ability to wick moisture from the outdoor air entering your home, thus making it much more efficient to operate in the summer months and also when it is cold yet humid.  An ERV can be run year round but may experience freezing up issues in our climate.


Everyone’s home is different and if you find yourself experiencing humidity issues such as moisture on the windows then an HRV is probably better suited to your home. If you find your home is incredibly dry all winter and you do not have moisture issues on the windows then perhaps an ERV is better suited to your home. Allow an expert at AirZone HVAC Services to aid you in determing which system will work best for you and your family.