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    Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV)

    Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV) from AirZone

    Interested in improving your indoor air quality and enjoying monthly savings on your utility bills? A HRV has a number of benefits and are especially important for new homes that are air tight and cannot release humidity. At AirZone, we specialize in HRV products and bring you a high quality line from our supplier Aldes.


    HRV Products

    Our major supplier of HRV products is Aldes. We chose them because of their outstanding quality, attention to detail, and fair prices.


    Aldes also has a strong focus on improving the indoor air quality in residential and commercial buildings.


    Please click on their logo to view more information about their product line and to view the units available to us.

    What Is A HRV?


    Experts at Improving Indoor Air Quality

    At AirZone, we specialize in improving your indoor air quality. A HRV is a great premium option to control humidity levels, reduce utility bills, and enjoy cleaner air in your home.


    The home construction quality has increased significantly in Ottawa and the Valley over the past years. This is due to a combination of more technologically advanced products and stricter building requirements. The result is homes that are so well insulated they don’t let the outside air in. This is great for heating and cooling costs, but comes at the price of reduced air quality in the home.


    With so many homes having hardwood flooring, humidity control is extremely important. A HRV helps to control humidity and bring clean air into the home.


    Ottawa HRV Products

    At AirZone, we work with many different suppliers of high quality heating equipment. Aldes is our major supplier of heat recovery ventilation products. In addition, we have HRV products available from many other brands including Lennox. A HRV heating product not only improves the indoor air quality in your home, but the comfort of the air as well! With a typical home heating system in Ottawa indoor air is continually used as it cycles through your heating system. With a HRV, this stuffy and stale air is replaced with fresh outdoor air without any energy lost. This significantly improves the air comfort in your home resulting in a more enjoyable environment.


    Reduce Indoor Humidity

    Most homeowners in the Ottawa area experience moisture and condensation on their windows. This can lead to damage where pools of moisture collect on finished surfaces. A HRV will help to reduce this moisture build-up by pre-conditioning the air within your home and providing enhanced airflow. With a HRV product installed, the exhausted air is used to heat the incoming fresh air. This type of system can eliminate humidity issues from within your home and protect your finishes!