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Mitsubishi ZUBA Multi Ductless Heat Pump

Why ZUBA Multi?

The Mitsubishi ZUBA multi is an elegant ductless heat pump solution to providing your home with top of the line cold climate heat pump technology. With these systems you can choose from hundreds of combinations to accomplish a litany of heating and cooling goals. Mitsubishi offers multiple indoor head options such as typical high wall heads, sleek low wall heads, ducted concealed heads or 4 way cassettes. You can design a system that not only keeps the home comfortable but maintains aesthetic values as well. Mitsubishi has unrivalled reliability in the hvac industry. These systems come with the best warranties in the business and have performance numbers that make them an excellent option for the Ottawa climate.

Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Multi Zone Ottawa.

Hyper Heat Multizone Ductless Heat Pump Capabilities

These heat pumps are so popular due to their customization. Whether you want 2 indoor heads or 8, Mitsubishi has an option for you. With the ability to zone houses with only one outdoor unit, you can rest assured that you will not lose any curb appeal when you choose one of these appliances. AirZone HVAC Services has designed and installed hundreds of Mitsubishi ZUBA multi systems and will be able to deliver you out of the box solutions that are guaranteed to wow. These systems can operate at temperatures down to -30C! This means that they can virtually replace any heating source in your home and maintain comfort for 90%+ of the year. In cooling mode, having the ability to control each head independently delivers unparalleled comfort. You will enjoy less temperature swings, better dehumidification and uber quiet operation.

An outdoor portion of a mini split system. This popular choice is a Mitsubishi Hyper Heat product.

Ductless Heat Pump Rebates

The Mitsubishi ZUBA multi qualifies for the maximum rebates offered, $5000 or $6500 depending on the program you are participating in. Like all other ductless systems, this must be designed and installed to heat and cool your entire home. This means you must install an indoor distribution head on each floor of the home to qualify for the rebates. Allow AirZone HVAC services to design a perfect system for your home.

A look at the Mitsubishi indoor head. This is part of the Hyper Heat ductless split system.
Mitsubishi Heat Pump Dealer Ottawa.

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