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Spring Air Conditioner Maintenance Checklist

AC Maintenance for DIY Homeowners in Ottawa, Ontario

At AirZone HVAC Services we believe in making sure everyone’s heating and cooling systems work as efficiently as possible and for as long as possible! For these reasons we have put together a spring air conditioner maintenance checklist ensure that the first time you turn on your air conditioner this season, you are setting yourself up for success. Written especially for Ottawa Homeowners!

1)Make sure the cover is off.

This one is imperative! If you use an air conditioner cover, do not forget to remove it prior to turning the unit on. Whether this is a leather cover or a board placed on top of the unit, you must remove it prior to turning the unit on. Air conditioners discharge your homes heat from the top of the outdoor unit. If this is covered, your unit can overheat and cause damage to your compressor. This can be a very expensive repair and should be avoided at all costs.

Ottawa air conditioner with cover installed in the spring

2)Make sure the thermostat is in heating or cooling mode.

We generally receive a few calls per year saying the air conditioner is not coming on. Upon attending these service calls it is inevitable that we have a few where the system is still set in heating mode. If you are set in heating mode and are simply turning the temperature down, it will not kick the AC into cooling mode. Furthermore, we always receive a few calls the relate to both tip #1 and tip #2. If your thermostat is set in “Auto Changeover” your air conditioner may come on before you get the chance to take your cover off, beware of this risk!

Ottawa Thermostat Installation (Ecobee)

3)Clear unit of all debris.

Your air conditioner needs space to breathe and transfer heat properly. It is always good to go take a look at your outdoor unit prior to starting it for the season. With the storms we get all winter your unit may be covered in debris. Furthermore, making sure your unit is not gunked up with leaves and sticks can make sure the air conditioner is running well.

4)Check breaker and outdoor disconnect switch.

Before you attempt to turn on the air conditioner you should always check to ensure the breaker in the panel is set to the on position. Furthermore, there is a disconnect switch located beside your air conditioner. Make sure this breaker is in the on position as well. This can avoid nuisance service calls!

Rheem AC installed in residential home for central cooling.

5)Change filter.

Now is a great time to change your furnace filter. It is often overlooked that the furnace is the distribution system that delivers cold air throughout your home. Half of your air conditioning system is located above the furnace, making sure this gets proper airflow is crucial to performance and efficiency.

6)Check dampers and vents.

Many people close vents and dampers in their ductwork system. It is generally easier to push hot air through the distribution system than cold air. Those hard to cool bedrooms may have vents or dampers closed, spring is a great time to ensure they are open and your system is able to push air efficiently throughout the home!

7)Check windows.

Remember to always make sure your windows are closed when running your AC. When the weather suddenly turns hot in Ottawa, many people turn on their air conditioners while the windows are still open. This is an inefficient way to cool and also wastes energy.

Comfort Advisors Ottawa HVAC

8)Call and book your annual maintenance.

Spring time in Ottawa is the best time to get an air conditioner maintenance completed! If you are looking for peace of mind to ensure your system is working optimally, call our office at 613 592 5770 to book your annual maintenance! Feel free to visit our website www.airzonehvac.ca for easy online booking.

9)Confirm drains are clear.

Last but not least, confirm your drains are clear. Air conditioners are amazing dehumidifiers and will produce a lot of water. There is a drain that is located above your furnace that will run to either a floor drain or condensate pump. Running vinegar through this line is a great way to ensure your drainage is not blocked.

All of this tips can help you ensure you have no unwanted surprises when the air conditioner comes on! If you do have any problems, you local Ottawa air conditioning experts are here to help you out.

lennox air conditioner installation AC maintenance Ottawa

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