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Mitsubishi ZUBA PLUS Ductless Heat Pump

Superior Heating and Cooling Performance from ductless heat pump

When looking for the ultimate performance from a ductless heat pump, the Mitsubishi ZUBA Plus is the best unit on the market. These units are ideal for every homeowner who is looking for a heat pump to take over the majority of their home heating.

Historically, home’s that do not have ductwork are the targets for these type of systems. These may include homes that heat with electric baseboards, boiler systems or in floor heating systems. As heat pumps have become more popular these systems are becoming more common place to be utilized in virtually any house. Whether it is a tricky to cool bedroom or a cold basement, adding a single zone unit will always help with comfort.

The reason that these ZUBA Single Plus units are so popular is directly related to their efficiency. These units can maintain their heat output and COP efficiency levels at incredibly cold temperatures. In terms of performance numbers, there is not a heat pump that we have found that can perform as well as these units at cold temperatures.

Mitsubishi Hyper Heat ZUBA Plus.

Case Studies of Ductless Heat pump

At AirZone HVAC Services we have installed hundreds of Mitsubishi ductless heat pump systems. These range from single zone(one outdoor unit for each indoor head) to 8 head multi zones(one outdoor unit for eight indoor heads). In terms of performance and customer satisfaction, nothing has performed as well as Mitsubishi single zone hyper heat systems with multiple outdoor units installed on the same property. We have had clients who have made it through entire winters without using any back up heat by utilizing a properly designed whole home system with multiple of these single zone units. Furthermore, the temperature control for each area is unparalleled. With a few of these systems installed in your home you can have the basement at 19 degrees, the kitchen at 21 degrees and the bedroom at 17 degrees with no issues! Finally, the redundancy that this type of system offers is a very nice peace of mind. When you have multiple outdoor units installed, should there ever be an issue with one, the rest of them will continue to work and keep your home perfectly comfortable!

Hyper Heat System indoor head. This ductless split system offers heating and cooling via an indoor head and outdoor heat pump.


When installing ductless heat pumps the rebate criteria is very specific. You must install an indoor unit on every floor in your home. For the typical bungalow this is a minimum of 2 indoor units and for a typical 2 story home you would install 3 indoor units. When you install the proper amount of Mitsubishi ZUBA plus units you will qualify for the maximum rebate of $5000 or $6500 depending on the program you are participating in!

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