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Heat Pump Answers Ottawa Homeowners Are Actually Looking For

Posted by AirZone HVAC Services  

Ottawa Heat Pump Q&A  (The Answers Ottawa Home Owners are actually looking for!)


We have helped homeowners receive more than $400,000 in Greener Home Rebates in the last year! We have helped Ottawa residents navigate the waters concerning these rebates and have perfected the process.


Furthermore we have dispelled misinformation with hundreds of clients, fixed dozens of improperly designed/installed systems and also tailored dozens of different system options to offer homeowners hybrid gas systems, fully electric systems and ductless systems that qualify for the Greener Homes and Better Homes Ottawa programs.


At AirZone we believe in three major pillars that allow us to approach every home with an honest and transparent objective


1)Help our community lower their carbon output and thus help the environment.

2)Strike a balance between comfort levels, efficiencies, price point and operating costs.

3)Deliver the absolute best value to the Ottawa Homeowner whether that involves a rebate or not. We help people achieve their goals by being honest and delivering multiple options.


Our mentality at AirZone is built upon trust and transparency. Our HVAC designers are taught to treat every homeowner like they are family. This means delivering advice that they would deliver to their own grandparents. Through this method we can ensure our loyal customers are getting the very best value, system and advice, every single day.


The FIVE Questions we receive the most!!!


  1. Will a heat pump work in Ottawa?


YES!! Most definitely a heat pump will work in Ottawa. The reality is that this is a very loaded question and we have to define what “work” means. Many people believe in the far extreme mythology of heat pumps. Either the system will not produce heat and will not work at all OR that it will heat their house perfectly all year round with no supplemental heating required.  The truth lies somewhere in between for the most part.  Factors on performance include: size of home, age of home, insulation values and desired comfort. This compared to the quality of the heat pump, current distribution system capabilities and the control systems will determine how much heat you can get out of the unit and how much of a backup system you will need!


We have installed the exact same system for one client in similarly sized homes and one home needed a 5 kw backup heater and the other needed a 20kw backup heater!!


That being said, even the most entry level heat pump in the oldest leaky home in Ottawa will still “work”. It will produce heat when it is warm enough outside and cooling in the summer.


To ensure your comfort levels are met and your utility bills do not skyrocket, you must ensure you choose the proper system, designed and installed well.


  1. Is a heat pump affordable?


Heat pumps can be very affordable! Especially with the Greener Home rebates program.  There are some amazing options available that can get you up to $6500 back in rebates.  Furthermore, there are some really great options on heat pumps that are only slightly more expensive than a standard air conditioner!


  1. Will heat pumps help save me money?


For many people, heat pumps will immediately start saving you money on your utility bills. Homes that are heated with propane, oil or electricity are perfect candidates to see large savings. Those that heat exclusively with natural gas will generally see savings in the summer months (very efficient cooling) and may see overall savings depending on heat pump style and operating style.  Your homes insulation values, the style of heat pump you choose and also how you operate your new unit, will all dictate the type of savings you will see.

  1. How do I get the rebate?


The Greener home rebate process includes a series of audits and a list of qualifying equipment.  Our experts can help you navigate this process to ensure you receive the maximum rebate.


  1. Why do I need backup heat?


Many homeowners ask if or why they will require back up heat when installing a cold climate heat pump. Once again, every house is different but the majority of homeowners require some type of backup system. This is due to our extreme weather in Ottawa, with winter temperatures reaching down to -35C.  Furthermore, the current infrastructure in most homes (ductwork) will not allow to install the largest of heat pumps that would allow us to negate back up heaters. Finally, heat pumps use defrost cycles to ensure they do not freeze in the middle of the winter.  When the unit is in defrost, it will steal heat from the home to complete this cycle.  When a properly sized back up heater is installed it can ensure your home is still comfortable when the heat pump is running in defrost.


AirZone HVAC Services is Ottawa’s leader in heat pump technology. If you are looking for a heat pump in Kanata, Nepean, Orleans, Ottawa or surrounding area, please contact us to schedule your free in home consultation!