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Rheem R98V/RP20 Hybrid Heat Pump

As a Rheem Pro Partner, AirZone HVAC Services can offer industry leading products at an extremely competitive price point. We also receive incredible product support on these systems from our local suppliers.  The top of the line Rheem R98V furnace pairs beautifully with the RP20 heat pump for a fully communicating cold climate hybrid system. 

Ottawa Air Conditioner/heat pump
Rheem RP20 heat pump

Ottawa’s best modulating furnace/heat pump combo

The Rheem R98V furnace is the premier gas furnace product offered by Rheem. This furnace has a modulating gas valve, which allows it to deliver the exact heat your home needs at any given moment. When paired with the Rheem RP20 heat pump you have a fully variable system that is constantly monitoring your indoor climate to deliver precise, perfect air. 

This system is popular due to the quality of both the furnace and the heat pump.  Homeowners looking for a fully communicating hvac system that offers top of the line comfort in both gas heating, heat pump heating and cooling, can look no further. 

Whether the temperature outside is 35C, 0C or -35C this hybrid powerhouse can deliver the exact output of BTU’s to keep your thermostat satisfied. With the econet smart thermostat, the system will automatically changed between heat pump and gas furnace depending on your settings.

Ottawa's best furnace installers AirZone HVAC Services. New high efficiency gas furnace installation.
This is a fully modulating Rheem R98V paired with econet thermostat and full zoning system This Ottawa area homeowner can now independently control temperatures per floor in their home

We pair this entire system with the Rheem econet thermostat, this creates an HVAC system that can self diagnose and allows this system to talk back and forth, ensuring perfect comfort.  Homeowners in Ottawa that put comfort above all else, will lean towards Rheem’s penultimate HVAC system.

This furnace/heat pump combo qualifies for the maximum rebates under the HER+ and Greener Homes grant program.  Our clients have experienced lower utility bills, lower carbon footprints and unparalleled comfort when installing this hvac pairing.

Rheem Central Air Conditioners/heat pumps Ottawa

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