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Central MOOV Hybrid Heat Pump

At AirZone HVAC Services we believe in bringing cutting edge technology to our client base, at a fair price point.  When we are focusing on implementing heat pump technology and lowering the carbon output of our community, we have to carefully consider all options. Sometimes thinking outside the box is difficult but necessary in bringing the best options to the city of Ottawa. 

Moovair Central MOOV from AirZone HVAC Services.
Moovair outdoor unit

As many people attempt to convert to heat pumps we have experienced a lot of homeowners striving to install systems that qualify for the maximum rebates. In order to accomplish this, a fully qualifying system must be installed (paired furnace/heat pump).  We have seen dozens of people with relatively new furnaces, looking to take advantage of this program and being stale mated as their furnace does not qualify with a paired heat pump. For this reason we have become well versed in cold climate heat pumps that may not qualify for the rebate, but offer the technology to those that are either not looking for a new furnace or perhaps a different style of solution. 

Custom hybrid heating solutions

Due to this, the Moovair (Central MOOV) has become an incredibly popular option. We can add this amazing cold climate heat pump to virtually any furnace to create a top of the line hybrid heating system. Furthermore, we can install this system on a new furnace (such as our ever popular, Rheem R96V).  Now we can offer the unparalleled quality that our legacy furnace line presents and pair it with cutting edge heat pump technology.

The Rheem R96V paired with the Central MOOV heat pump has become a very popular option over the last few years.  Many people who have already received large rebates for other measures, will opt to get those route due to the amazing price point and quality they receive from this system. 

Ottawa Homeowner gas furnace installation. Rheem R98V high efficiency gas furnace.
An Orleans homeowner opted to go with the fully modulating Rheem R98V Paired with the ultra smart Rheem Econet thermostat this furnace offers incredibly precise home comfort

Furthermore, we have clients who are not participating in the rebate process (whether it is due to time constraints or other reasons). For these clients, they can still install an amazing hybrid heating option at a very similar price point to a regular furnace and air conditioner!

Cold Climate Heat Pump Ottawa

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