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Ottawa Valley Cooling Services

One of our most important markets for cooling services is the Ottawa Valley. AirZone is very proud to offer our services from Ottawa to Deep River (and everywhere in between). Did you know that one of our owners grew up in the Pembroke area? We are extremely proud of the fact that we have kept our Valley roots and are able to offer high quality products such as air conditioners to the greater Ottawa Valley area at volume prices. We offer our heating and cooling services out of our office located on Glenn Street in Pembroke.

Pembroke Air Conditioners

AirZone HVAC Services is a company that specializes in residential HVAC services. We are extremely familiar with the home construction and heating and cooling needs of Pembroke homes, and have some really great systems available including brands such as Lennox and American Standard. In 2017, American Standard has been our most popular brand in the Valley. AS offers some really great performing units such as the Silver 14 Air Conditioner. Valley customers love this unit because of it’s dependability, performance, and affordable price point. We have a lot of references available if you would like to talk to someone who has this air conditioner installed in their home.

Would you like to learn more about our Air Conditioners? Check out the page here: Central Air Conditioners

Pembroke Furnaces

Another popular product in the Valley in 2017 is the S9V2 furnace from American Standard. This furnace offers one of the best blowers available… This is very important for equalizing temperature throughout your home. For example, if you have a colder room upstairs that is consistently cooler than other areas this furnace is perfect. The strong blower does a better job of reaching the furthest rooms via your ductwork resulting in a more consistent temperature in your home.

Dedication to Quality

Part of the reason that we have been successful in the Valley is our dedication to the best quality products. We do not sell cooling equipment that we would not put in our own home. By consistently delivering high quality products from manufacturers that backup their warranties and promises we have build a strong customer base and earned a strong reputation for quality hvac products with expert installation. Best of all, our dedication to quality does not stop simply with products. We have implemented a strict installation system that ensures your heating or cooling product is installed the right way without missing any steps. We offer a quality you can trust guarantee to back up all of our installations. Although Pembroke and the Ottawa Valley is growing quickly it is still a small town. Word of mouth is very important and companies that are not focused on proper customer service become known quickly. We encourage you to talk to your friends and neighbours about their experience with AirZone HVAC Services. We are proud of our installation and customer service history!

Free Air Conditioner Estimates

As part of our quality approach, we offer free written estimates that are clear for the customer to understand. Many companies unfortunately use a bait and switch tactic or a confusing quotation to mislead customers into purchasing equipment that may be inferior to what they are paying for. Our approach is to provide all of the information up front including model numbers of the equipment to be installed, inclusive pricing (product and installation), and any rebates that the system may qualify for.

We never use any pressure sales tactics. One of the worst feelings is being pressured into a big purchase such as a furnace or air conditioner. We simply provide you with all of the information and allow you to price shop our products and give you the time to make an informed decision. We believe that this approach will make us stand out and after all a company dedicated to customer service should never pressure anyone into a sale. We are extremely confident in our prices. When you consider our quality products, level of service, and guarantees, there is no better value in the Ottawa Valley than AirZone HVAC Services.

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