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A Quiet Air Conditioner To Make Your Neighbours Happy

We have all had the experience of being in the backyard during the summertime in Ottawa when a loud air conditioner interrupts our conversation. This reduces outdoor enjoyment. A noisy air conditioner unit outsize is also often heard within the home. If your central AC is near a window this can affect your ability to relax in your home.

The sound of an air conditioner is an important consideration especially if your AC is located near your outdoor living area such as a patio. When purchasing a new AC, operating sound should be one of your considerations. Many consumers are unaware that different air conditioner units are available with a lower operating noise. With so many different Ottawa air conditioning products available it is hard to know which one is the right choice.

Our Picks For A Quieter Air Conditioner

Below you will find our top picks for quieter air conditioner products. We make these recommendations considering many different factors including affordability, sound output, unit efficiency, and dependability. After all, a quiet air conditioner that is not dependable defeats the entire purpose of purchasing a new AC.

Lennox XC25

This top of the line air conditioner offers an unbelievable 59 db sound rating. By utilizing SilentComfort Technology, Lennox has achieved on of the quietest operating air conditioners available anywhere. This is paired with variable operation and some of the best efficiency ratings for the ultimate in home cooling.

American Standard Silver 16

Air conditioners from American Standard are known for their dependability. The silver 16 has been an awesome performer for us in 2017. It is particularly popular in the Ottawa Valley especially in Pembroke. This unit operates at as little as 71 dB and it’s price cannot be beat when you consider it’s dependable operation and 17 SEER rating.

Lennox XC21

The XC21 from Lennox delivers an impressive 69 dB sound output that is up to fifty percent quieter than an entry level air conditioner. A great choice for consumers looking to purchase a 21 SEER unit with 2 stage operation. Operating at two stages allows the unit to run at a quieter speed most of the time!

Lennox EL16XC1

This air conditioner is extremely popular in the Ottawa marketplace due to it’s perfect balance of performance and affordability. This energy star certified unit boasts a 71 dB sound rating with a more cost conscious single stage operation. This AC still delivers with an efficiency rating of up to 17 SEER leading to monthly energy savings.

Quality Cooling Services

If you are looking to purchase a new Ottawa air conditioner you have come to the right place! AirZone prides itself on high quality installations, the best customer service in Ottawa and the Valley, and an unmatched lineup of air conditioners that deliver affordable performance and precision cooling. Our experts have an extensive history of air conditioner installations in the area allowing us a better understanding of which air conditioner will work the best in your home. We utilize advanced technology to properly size your home to install a unit that will have enough power to reach all rooms without over-sizing the unit to waste energy (and reduce it’s lifespan).

Our dedication to customer service is apparent when you check our Google, Facebook, and BBB reviews. We are extremely proud of our focus on putting our customers first.

We offer FREE no obligation estimates for new air conditioner products. One of the things that you will notice when you request an estimate is that there is no pressure. We have trained our Comfort Advisors to never pressure a customer into a sale. Instead, we believe that delivering honest expert advice for home cooling products will lead to a better relationship with our customers (even if we lose a few sales to these practices).

Quiet Air Conditioner Ottawa

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