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Ottawa Furnace Combos

We have had a busy air conditioning season in Ottawa due to some really great promotions on quality cooling products from brands such as Lennox and American Standard. Now that the rebates have ended, a lot of our clients are starting to shift their attention to the fall season. Now is a great time to consider a furnace and air conditioner combo installation! Here is why now is the best time to have this done:

1. By installing a new furnace in the summer, you will be ready for the winter without having any “no heat” days. Even if a furnace is operational in the winter it does need to be turned off to be removed resulting in a cold home. By having it installed before winter, you will be ready to go for heating season.

2. Save money by combining your installation! We offer some great packages that allow you to save on the purchase of a furnace and air conditioner since we are able to install them at the same time. We pass these savings directly on to you.

3. There are still a few hot days left! If you have been delaying a new air conditioner purchase and are also in need of a new furnace why not spend the rest of summer staying cool?

4. When we talk about replacing older equipment with more efficient heating and cooling products, you will experience a reduction on your utility bills. Not only will you save money every month, but you will enjoy a more reliable system. We offer very low monthly financing rates if you are interested in deferring your payments. This combined with your energy savings can make a new furnace and air conditioner purchase extremely affordable!

5. Improve your indoor air comfort. A new HVAC system usually provides a stronger blower to help equalize the cooling and heating in your home. Our products also offer better climate control through two stage and variable speed operation.

6. Experience better air quality in your home – Do you suffer from allergies or are sensitive to particulates in the air? We offer products such as a larger filter cabinet, UV lights, and other indoor air quality products to allow you to breathe easy (and safely).

Popular Furnace and Air Conditioner Combos

American Standard Combo – One of our most popular HVAC combos right now is the S9V2 Furnace and Silver 14 Air Conditioner from American Standard. This combination provides exceptional heating and cooling through the use of a vortex Panasonic blower. Ottawa buyers are loving this pair due to it’s performance, low price, and exceptional dependability rating.

Lennox Furnace & Air Conditioner Combo – If you are looking for the best furnace available anywhere look no further than the SLP98 from Lennox. This variable speed heater is designed to provide amazingly precise temperature control, low sound operation, and exceptional energy efficiency. Lennox has made a huge commitment to provide leading edge technology in their products and this communicating furnace delivers all of the bells and whistles. It is paired with the newest iComfort thermostat that allows for remote diagnostics, temperate control and scheduling from your phone, and a lot more. We are typically pairing this furnace with the XC line of air conditioners such as the XC20 for the best performance and discounts. Another popular air conditioner pair is the XC14 which comes in at a lower cost but still offers great performance!

Regardless of which furnace and air conditioner combination you choose, rest assured that the experts at AirZone will provide you with honest and dependable advice without using any pressure sales tactics. Why not book a free furnace and air conditioner consulation today? Let our vast experience in Ottawa and the Valley help you with your purchasing decision and be ready for the winter ahead of time this year!

Lennox SLP98V

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