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Ottawa Furnace Issues That Are All Too Common

During the fall our team of service technicians hit the road to start turning on furnaces across the Ottawa area. We do this ahead of the winter months to ensure that our customers comfort systems are prepared and working at their best. This is also when we start to see common furnace problems on both low end and high end furnace units.

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We offer maintenance services to customers who may have purchased their furnace from another company. This exposes us to installations that have been completed improperly, along with different warranty standards.

Recently, we visited a house that had a high efficiency furnace installed only 3 years ago. This particular customer had purchased their furnace from another company (a brand we do not carry), and was unaware of the annual maintenance requirements needed to maintain their warranty.

After a thorough examination of the furnace unit, a cracked heat exchanger was found. This was a huge surprise to find a damaged heat exchanger after only three years. Typically heat exchangers will last a lot longer and are generally covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. For example, our Amana line of furnaces comes with a Lifetime heat exchanger warranty.

After contacting the furnace manufacturer, we discovered that the heat exchanger was in fact under warranty. Although this appeared to be good news for our new customer, the manufacturer asked for proof of annual furnace maintenance. The customer had not done any maintenance over the last three years resulting in a denied warranty claim. In the end, the customer had to replace the heat exchanger at their own cost because they had not performed annual maintenance.

An Ottawa Furnace Contractor Offering Expert Advice

As a HVAC company, we pride ourselves on offering not only professional recommendations, but also product education. We want all of our customers to be satisfied with their furnaces for many years, and back our installations and products with the highest level of satisfaction possible. Even if you go with a different company, we encourage you to have your annual furnace maintenance completed every year by a professional to ensure that your warranty will be valid if the need arises.

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