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When To Turn On Your Furnace In Ottawa

Everyone has a friend or relative that loves to wait until the last minute before they turn on their home heating system. There is something proudly Canadian about bundling up in your home with a thick sweater or jacket during the fall season. This is especially true if you have fireplace to gather around; a meeting place for the family during a cool evening.

Today we would like to discuss when is the right time to turn on your furnace. Should you do this at a set time each year or should you wait until the snow starts falling?

There are a few considerations when it comes to home heating. As the cooler fall days approach, heating companies become increasing busy. This means that there will be less promotions and incentives to be had when it comes to maintenance. Our first piece of advice is to have your furnace maintained earlier to ensure that it is functional, tuned up with a clean filter, and ready for the winter months. Don’t be left in the cold with a furnace that is not ready during high HVAC season.

Assuming you have tuned up your furnace and it is working well when is the right time to turn it on? Should you turn it on and off to save on your utility bills?

Our Ottawa Furnace Advice

At AirZone, we recommend turning your furnace on when the temperature outside starts to approach 10 degrees Celsius overnight. By turning it on early, you will have a chance to monitor its performance and be aware of any issues early. A furnace helps to protect your pipes among other things in the house. You do not want to risk having a frozen pipe burst in the wall because you waited to turn on your comfort system.

On that note, don’t forget to turn off your water to the outside faucets. You do this by shutting off the valve inside your home, and opening the outside tap to ensure it drains.

Once you get your furnace up and running, set your programmable thermostat so that the furnace is not blasting heating during the warmer days and is helping maintain the temperature overnight. We do not recommend turning on and off the appliance because this leads to more wear and tear on your heating system.

Keep in mind that efficiency has a lot to do with how you control heating loss. Make sure that you have installed your weather stripping and blocked any areas where there is potential for heat loss.

Are There Better Furnace Options Available?

A variable high efficiency furnace is a great option for the Ottawa fall. This furnace runs at different speeds which helps to control humidity and heat at a low efficient pace. If you are considering a new furnace this is a great alternative to maximize your comfort and energy savings. Have a look at our furnace page to learn about how a variable speed furnace can save you money this winter and can also be paid for with a low monthly investment.

When To Turn On Furnace

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