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HVAC Repair In Ottawa

A large part of our business throughout the year is completing HVAC repairs for all different brands of heating and cooling equipment. A few years ago the Ontario government put in place some aggressive incentives for the purchase of new HVAC equipment. A lot of homeowners in the Ottawa area took advantage of these incentives and purchased new furnaces and air conditioners. A lot of these equipment purchases are now between 5 and 10 years old and need some repairs. Let’s be honest… many homeowners do not maintain their equipment on a regular basis. Instead, it is commonplace to wait for an issue to arise before addressing the problem. This approach usually results in a higher cost for the owner because it can result in emergency service calls or equipment that would not have an issue with regular maintenance. We are seeing a lot of these furnace and air conditioning systems already this year. Common issues include clogged coils, dirty air filters, and worn parts that require maintenance or replacement. HVAC repair in Ottawa is a very busy business due to the issues mentioned above.

At AirZone, we specialize in furnace and air conditioning repairs. We have a large fleet of vehicles ready to serve you quickly and efficiently.

Furnace Repair In Ottawa

There are many different reasons that your furnace can fall into disrepair. With our cold climate, it is essential to have a working furnace in your home. AirZone offers 24 hour emergency furnace service to ensure you are up and running in no time. Our protection packages offer priority service making our repair service that much faster! We recommend an annual furnace service each year to avoid emergency repair costs and to ensure your furnace is working efficiently. Did you know that most major furnace manufacturers require annual maintenance to maintain warranty coverage? We provide documented maintenance service to make sure your warranty is protected. We have an in house team of furnace technicians that are certified and continually trained. Our experience stands out and we are very proud of our workmanship and expertise.

If you need a furnace repair we encourage you to contact our friendly team. We offer no pressure diagnostics, free quotes on new heating equipment, and emergency furnace service. Our service area extends all the way from Hawkesbury to Deep River. We offer furnace repair services to this entire area.

Thank you for considering AirZone for your furnace repair needs!

Bryant Furnace in Ottawa

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