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Moovair Ductless (Multi Moov)+(M Series)

User Manual

AirZone Environmental Rating

Ultra Green

Category: Heating/Cooling

Type of Product: Heat Pump

Manufacturer: Moovair

Model: Multi MOOV

Product Description:

Moovair is a product that has been tailored for the Canadian environment! Manufactured by midea and distributed by the Master Groupe, this product line provides incredible performance with an attractive price point.  The multi moov ductless line offers hundreds of combinations that allows homeowners to customize their home comfort. With options from 2-5 zones and SEER ratings up to 23, this line of products has something for everyone! Multi Moov systems provide heating down to -30C utilizing HEAT+ technology.

The M series from Moovair offers single zone heat pumps that range from 23 SEER all the way to 42 SEER! These units can produce heat in ranges from -15C to -30C depending on the model.

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