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The Importance of Ottawa Furnace Maintenance

AirZone performs furnace maintenance for thousands of customers each year in the greater Ottawa area including the Ottawa Valley. Last year we introduced a great savings plan for homeowners that allows them to have their Ottawa furnace and air conditioner serviced at the same time. Due to this program, we have been performing regular furnace services over the summer months so that our customers will avoid the fall rush.

This week we were in a home with a furnace issue. This homeowner had not performed any annual maintenance on their furnace. When we showed up to inspect the furnace, this is what we found! Have a look at the featured picture of a high efficiency furnace heat exchanger!

Yes that is a baseball that made its way into the furnace! Unfortunately for this customer, the best option was an Ottawa furnace replacement given the cost to repair the heat exchanger.

At AirZone, we always recommend our annual maintenance program not because we are trying to profit, but instead to ensure that situations like this do not happen to our customers. We want the comfort system that we install to last you many years. We believe that this is the best way to grow our business!

Ottawa Furnace Maintenance

Our protection packages start at under 10 dollars per month after your initial visit. This is the per appliance cost. For example, a furnace and air conditioner would be 10 dollars each. Ask us about how you can receive a discount by combining your furnace and air conditioner maintenance into one visit!

For more information about our maintenance, please visit our Ottawa furnace maintenance and protection package page.

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Taylor Lewis Vice President
Taylor Lewis is a highly accomplished HVAC professional with over a decade of experience in the industry. He graduated from Queens University, and since then has dedicated his career to the field of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.
Baseball stuck in furnace in Ottawa Ontario


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