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Bosch IDS Hybrid Heat Pump System

When looking for a heat pump system for their home, many Ottawa clients opt to install a hybrid heat pump system. This type of heating system utilizes a gas furnace in tandem with a heat pump, to heat and cool the home. This is popular for many reasons including, lower costs at cold temperatures, less up front costs and redundancy.

Why is this system so popular?

When it comes to hybrid systems that qualify for the full HER+ and Green Home Rebates our most popular system is the Bosch IDS Premium heat pump paired with the Bosch BGH96 gas furnace. We have installed this system for over 5 years with amazing results, hundreds of clients have reduced their utility bills, dropped their carbon footprint and enjoyed year round comfort. 

Ottawa Heat Pump and Furnace installation Bosch with 5 inch air box

There are many reasons that this system is our most popular hybrid option! First, it comes at a very attractive price point. At AirZone we believe this system offers an amazing value when you consider the quality of performance you receive at a very fair price point. Secondly, this option allows most homes to take advantage of a very efficient heat pump. Many people in the Ottawa area do not have the infrastructure required to eliminate gas heating completely. This may be due to smaller electrical supply or low ceilings in the basement.

The Bosch heat pump allows you to utilize a heat pump for heating down to approximately -20C* and have a gas furnace as a backup. The unit also operates as a 20 SEER variable speed air conditioner to keep your house perfectly comfortable all summer long.

How Should I Heat my Home in Ottawa

This system qualifies for the full $6500 rebate under the HER+ program and $5000 for those utilizing the greener homes program (for those non Enbridge customers).

**Each home is built differently and each homeowner utilizes their HVAC system differently. Some homes can operate a switch over temperature lower than other homes.

Standard Ducted Heat Pump by Bosch

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