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Ottawa Furnace Specials

This fall has been exceptionally warm in the Ottawa area. Many homeowners have delayed the purchase of a needed new furnace this year and are waiting for the winter months to arrive. Should you wait for your new furnace purchase? Typically in the fall there is a major rush to fill out installation slots to meet demand often resulting in installation delays. This can result in you having to wait for your furnace installation during moderately cold weather. We would encourage you to book early regardless of which dealer you choose… We would hate to see anyone left in the cold having to wait for a new furnace.

Ottawa Furnace Specials

At AirZone, we have extended our preseason high efficiency furnace specials due to the warm weather. Now is a great time to take advantage of our lowest pricing of the year on American Standard and Lennox furnaces! Please use the link below to visit our specials page and learn more about how you can save by booking early.

Ottawa Furnace Sale

Reasons To Install A New Furnace

Often consumers wait until the last possible minute to have a new furnace installed. This usually happens when the furnace stops working and is in need of some major repairs. As a general rule, if your furnace is over 15 years old it is time to start thinking about a replacement heater. You do not want to be left in a situation where you do not have heat in your home during the winter months.

Not only does a new furnace save you money every month on your utility bills (due to advancements in technology and efficiency), an upgraded furnace can also increase the indoor air quality in your home. We offer a number of different products that achieve this including a 4″ furnace filter cabinet and two stage or variable speed heaters. The variable speed furnace offers the best indoor air quality because it continually is moving air through the filter. It achieves this by running at a very low speed and ramps up when additional heat is needed.

Another benefit to planning a furnace installation ahead of time is price. The highest price you will pay with many heating dealers in Ottawa is at the point where you need emergency service and a replacement unit right away. This can result in after hours installations and you are at the mercy of any specials or incentives available at that specific time. By planning ahead you can save hundreds by taking advantage of pre-season Ottawa furnace promotions.

What is a Red Tag Furnace?

A red tag furnace is a common term in the HVAC industry. It refers to placing a red tag on a furnace that is no longer safe to operate by law. If you have a red tagged furnace you will likely need major repairs or a replacement unit. If your furnace has been red tagged don’t panic. Instead, take the time to call a few dealers for an estimate. You are not required to use the company that placed the red tag on your furnace. Unfortunately in Ottawa a few dealers (who will remain nameless) are quite generous with red tags. It is an easy push to sell a new furnace with a unit that has been tagged. Why not ask for a second opinion? We have gone to quite a few service calls for red tags where we were able to repair the unit correctly without the customer having to purchase a new furnace. Our goal is to offer you the RIGHT advice for your home heater and NOT to sell you something that you don’t need right away.

Why Choose AirZone For Your Furnace Needs?

If you are considering a new furnace purchase we encourage you to contact the experts at AirZone HVAC Services. We have built our company on the idea that the customer’s needs come first. We provide total indoor air comfort expertise and offer free no pressure sales estimates on new heaters. We may lose some jobs with this approach, but we believe that a pressure sale does not result in a long term customer. We also receive a large portion of our business through customer referrals! This is the highest compliment our clients can provide us with. Thank you for reading and for your consideration!

New Furnace Ottawa

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