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Ottawa Amana AMVC96 Furnace Review

AirZone HVAC Services provides quality high efficiency furnaces from three major brands in Ottawa: Amana, Lennox, and American Standard. We regularly provide feedback about our customer’s experience with certain high efficiency Ottawa furnaces.

Today we will be looking at the Amana AMVC96 Two Stage furnace. This is one of our most popular Ottawa heaters due to it’s great performance, perfect balance between efficiency and price, and the best furnace warranty in the industry.

Two Stage High Efficiency Furnace:

We are often asked by our clients about the difference between a single stage, two stage, and variable speed furnace. A single stage operates at one speed (think on and off), a two stage has two speeds (high and low), and a variable speed has the ability to run at many different speeds. This Amana furnace is a two stage furnace offering up to 96% AFUE. This would be considered a “better” furnace option. It offers much greater efficiency than a single stage by utilizing it’s two speeds in order to avoid having to run at full blast when on. Two stage furnaces are great for customers who want an efficient furnace at a lower price.

Furnace Thermostat:

One of the advantages of a two stage furnace is that you can still use your existing thermostat or one of the popular smart thermostats such as the Nest or Ecobee. It does not require the branded thermostat which is different from a variable speed furnace.

Quiet Furnace Operation:

The Amana AMVC96 is a very quiet furnace thanks to Amana’s quiet comfort technology. This furnace has been designed to dampen sound through the use of dampening materials and precision parts which operate at a lower noise level. Further, the two stage operation enhances the sound reduction by utilizing the slower speed which is quieter.

Ottawa Furnace Price:

The reason that this furnace is so popular in the Ottawa furnace marketplace is due to it’s balance of performance and price. Amana is a very good brand and can save you hundreds over a Lennox unit. Our customers love getting a furnace than performs with a 96% AFUE rating at this price!

Furnace Warranty:

Another reason our customers love this furnace is due to it’s lifetime manufacturers warranty on the heat exchanger. Amana has really stepped up here adding the lifetime warranty to the heat exchanger in addition to the 10 year parts. We often replace furnaces for customers who have a damaged heat exchanger since they are often red tagged units.

Overall Impression:

If you are in the market for a new Ottawa furnace and are looking for a solid high efficiency furnace with a great warranty without breaking the bank this furnace is for you! We have hundreds of satisfied Ottawa furnace customers who are thrilled with their purchase of the Amana AMVC96 furnace. For more information and to see the reviews directly on the Amana website please click the link below:

Amana AMVC96 Furnace Product Page


Amana AMVC96 Furnace Review Ottawa

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