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Lennox SLP98V Furnace Ottawa

At AirZone we are regularly evaluating the performance of each furnace from our suppliers. Today we will be examining the benefits of the Lennox SLP98V High Efficiency furnace.

Lennox SLP98V Overview:

If you are in the market for a new furnace and are interested in the latest heating technology, look no further than the Lennox SLP98V High Efficiency furnace. Furnaces are split into three categories: single stage, two stage, and variable speed. The SLP98V is a variable speed modulating furnace. This means that it has the ability to adjust airflow in a much more exact manner when compared to a single or two stage furnace. Instead of having only one or two speeds, the furnace can run at any speed within the spectrum. Picture a low end and a high end blender. The low end blender has only two speeds (high and low), and the high end blender has the ability to turn the variable speed knob to obtain exactly the speed you are looking for. By having a variable speed furnace in your home, you will enjoy many benefits including greater humidity control, increased energy savings, and overall a much better comfort level.

The second advantage that the Lennox SLP98V offers over other furnaces is it’s sound dampening technology. Lennox has added insulation into the furnace along with streamlined parts resulting in a high efficiency furnace that is best in class when it comes to noise level.

The Lennox SLP98V is by no means a low end product and this is reflected in it’s price. It is one of the best furnaces available in Ottawa and is at the top end of the price range. Having said this, if you are looking for a furnace that delivers exceptional performance, efficiency and control and would like one of the quietest furnaces on the market, this is the furnace you should choose.

Lennox SLP98V Ottawa Heating Performance:

We have installed this furnace is many homes in the Ottawa area. We should mention that this high efficiency furnace requires the Lennox iComfort thermostat to work correctly with your system and offer all of the features and benefits available. Our customers who have chosen this Ottawa heater are thrilled with it’s performance. We often heat feedback about how they can barely heat it operating, and how the overall feel of the home is a lot more comfortable. A common comment is about cold spots in the house. A variable speed furnace helps to eliminate these areas by circulating more air even when the furnace is not heating. We have also had a lot of feedback about the air quality improving. This is due to the above mentioned air movement. By continually moving air through the furnace filter, the air is constantly cleaned resulting in less airborne particulates.


We recommend the Lennox SPL98V to our Ottawa furnace customers looking for the ultimate in indoor air quality and comfort. For more information about this furnace, download the LENNOX SLP98V Brochure (opens in new window).


Lennox SLP99V Furnace Installed by AirZone HVAC Services in Ottawa, Ontario.

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