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New Lennox Furnace Ottawa

Ottawa heating leader AirZone is proud to introduce the new EL296E furnace from Lennox. This furnace is packed with new technology innovations making it one of the best furnaces you can buy for your home.


When you have a new EL296E installed, you are receiving a winning combination of efficiency and comfort. This furnace boasts energy ratings of up to 96% AFUE, along with two stage heating which allows for intelligent energy usage and more control over comfort.


Here are some of the highlighted benefits of the EL296E:

  • Efficiency ratings of up to 96% AFUE
  • Lower utility bills from two-stage operation
  • More consistant, comfortable airflow with Power Saver Technology
  • Quiet operation
  • Exceptional warmth perfect for the Ottawa climate
  • Reliable performance from Lennox – a trusted brand

One of the major benefits for Ottawa customers is that the EL296E keeps you comfortable in the winter AND the summer. It achieves this utilizing its two stage operation to allow for a lower airflow speed. In the summer, this lower speed keeps air in contact with the air conditioner coil for a longer period, reducing moisture for added comfort.


To learn more about the details of this furnace, please contact one of our experts or download the product specifications here.

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