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Navigating the Greener Home Grant: How Long To Receive My Rebate in 2024

As we approach March 2024, the deadline for the Canada Greener Home Grant Program is coming. This brings significant considerations for homeowners in Ottawa, Ontario, and across Canada, especially those planning to make energy-efficient upgrades to their homes, including the installation of HVAC systems like heat pumps.

With no current update on the program, we have been advised by Service Organizations to expect applications to cease in March, this may change (UPDATED 2024-01-16)

How Long To Receive My Greener Home Heat Pump Rebate in 2024?

Current Rebate Processing Time: As of January 2024, the timeframe for receiving a rebate check is approximately six months. This duration should be factored into planning and budgeting for home energy improvements. We offer gap financing for up to 6 months at 0 percent interest! This makes it easy for customers looking to avoid a large payment up front prior to receiving their rebate as the rebate amount often covers almost all of the heat pump and installation cost.

Other Key Points:

  • Program Ending in March 2024: The Greener Home Grant Program will no longer accept new applications after March 2024. This means that homeowners interested in availing of the program’s benefits need to act swiftly.
  • One-Year Window Post-Audit: Homeowners who have already completed an energy audit will have one year from the audit date to request a rebate. This is critical because it implies that any installation of HVAC equipment, including heat pumps, must be completed within this one-year timeframe.
  • Difficulty in Booking Audits: With the program nearing its end, there’s a high demand for energy audits, making it increasingly challenging to schedule an appointment. Homeowners are advised to book their energy audits as soon as possible to avoid missing out on the opportunity.
  • Heat Pump Rebate Amount: The Greener Home Program offers a substantial rebate of $6,500 for the installation of heat pumps, a significant incentive for homeowners considering this energy-efficient heating and cooling option.
  • Additional Credit for Audit Costs: The program also includes a credit to cover the cost of the energy audit, providing further financial support to homeowners undertaking these green improvements. This is typically $600 which should cover the full energy audit cost.

Recommendations for Ottawa Homeowners:

Given these points, it’s crucial for homeowners to take immediate action. Booking an energy audit at the earliest is a vital first step. Following the audit, homeowners should promptly plan and execute any qualifying home improvements, such as the installation of heat pumps, to ensure they fall within the one-year window for rebate eligibility. Remember, the rebate processing time can be around six months, so factor this into your timelines. Also, given the popularity and imminent closure of the program, expect delays and plan accordingly. Check out our Greener Home Heat Pump product recommendations.

Don’t Miss Out On The Greener Home Grant!

The Canada Greener Homes Grant Program offers a significant opportunity for homeowners to make their homes more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. With the program ending soon and the current processing times, immediate action is needed to make the most of this opportunity. Ensure you book your energy audit as soon as possible and plan your home improvements within the specified timelines to benefit from the available rebates and credits. Request a FREE no obligation Greener Home Rebate consultation today!

If you’re looking to get the Greener Home Heat Pump Rebate, AirZone HVAC Services is here to help. We’re experts in heat pumps and can guide you through the rebate process. From helping arrange an energy audit, checking your home to installing the heat pump, we’ll make sure everything’s done right so you can get your rebate without any hassle. Plus, we know all about how the Greener Homes Grant Program works, so you can trust us to give you the best advice. Let us help make your home more energy-efficient and save you some money too!

Heat pump installed in the Byward Market in downtown Ottawa, Ontario by heating and cooling contractor AirZone HVAC Services.

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