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Important Updates to Canada’s Greener Homes Initiatives: What Ottawa Homeowners Need to Know In April 2024

AirZone HVAC Services is committed to keeping our valued customers in Ottawa informed about the latest developments in energy-efficient home upgrades. We want to ensure you’re aware of the current opportunities available through Canada’s evolving Greener Homes Initiative, particularly after the recent changes. There have been some significant changes to the program in April 2024.

Many homeowners were hoping rebates would return in a similar form after they were paused. Our current information now indicates that the program will focus on grants for low income households, a low interest loan opportunity (most households eligible), and a oil to gas affordability program.

Closure of the Canada Greener Homes Grant

The Canada Greener Homes Grant, which offered up to $5,000 for energy-efficient home improvements, is no longer accepting new applications. If you have already started your retrofit projects under this grant, it’s important to complete your upgrades promptly as you will continue to receive support through the Canada Greener Homes portal.

Continuing Support Through the Oil to Heat Pump Affordability Program

For our customers who are transitioning from oil heating systems to more sustainable options, the Oil to Heat Pump Affordability (OHPA) program remains active. This program is particularly beneficial for low to median income homeowners, offering up to $5,000 in additional grant funding for those who have installed a heat pump since January 1st, 2023. This initiative supports the replacement of oil heating systems with more efficient heat pump systems without the need for a home energy evaluation, streamlining the process for eligible homeowners.

Interest-Free Loans Available

The Canada Greener Homes Loan is an excellent opportunity for homeowners looking to undertake significant energy-saving retrofits. This program offers interest-free loans ranging from $5,000 to $40,000, with a repayment term of up to 10 years. Whether you’re looking to install advanced HVAC systems, improve home insulation, or add solar panels, these loans make it financially feasible to enhance your home’s energy efficiency.

Support for Affordable Housing Providers

Additionally, the Canada Greener Affordable Housing program is open for applications, providing forgivable and low-interest loans to help with deep energy retrofits on existing multi-unit residential buildings. This is an excellent resource for community and affordable housing providers in Ottawa looking to reduce energy costs and improve living conditions for residents.

Why These Updates Matter

As AirZone HVAC Services continues to support sustainable home improvement solutions, these programs play a crucial role in helping Ottawa homeowners save money and reduce their carbon footprint. Transitioning to energy-efficient systems not only enhances home comfort but also supports broader environmental goals.

For more detailed information on these programs and to explore which options might be best suited for your home, visit the official Canada Greener Homes Initiative page.

At AirZone HVAC Services, we are here to help you navigate these changes and make the most of the available programs to enhance your home’s energy efficiency. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you in planning and implementing the right energy solutions for your home.

A Moovair heat pump installed by heating and cooling contractor AirZone HVAC Services in Stittsville (Ottawa West).

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