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Greener Home Heat Pump Rebate

What Is Canada's Greener Homes Grant?

Canada has committed to lowering greenhouse gas emissions and home heating systems make up 18% of our nation’s greenhouse gas creation.  This program allows homeowners to qualify for up to $10000 in rebates when upgrading their home’s energy efficiency. This includes a rebate on the HVAC system plus a rebate on the energy audit cost.

One of the best ways to lower your carbon footprint is by upgrading your home’s HVAC systems. To participate in the program, individuals simply apply online through At this point you can reach out to an energy advisor for a pre audit that will evaluate your home(list of qualified auditors is available at 

After the initial audit is complete, contact AirZone HVAC Services for a free HVAC evaluation in which we can offer products that qualify for rebates.  Following the installation of your new ultra efficient heating and cooling system, a post audit is conducted by a qualified energy advisor. Upon completion, you apply and receive your grant along with reimbursement for the audit costs.

Forced Air Heat Pumps Ottawa
Cold Climate Ductless Heat Pump

Why This Program Is Amazing For Ottawa HVAC Customers

AirZone HVAC Services is a high quality contractor servicing the greater Ottawa area. We bring the highest value anywhere in the city to our clients. Because we have worked in the Ottawa Valley for over a decade we are extremely proficient in heat pump technology and custom designed ductless systems.

With Canada’s Greener Homes Grant we are able to deliver our customers the latest and most environmentally friendly heating and cooling system for the price of a standard entry level system. This is an unbelievable cost savings that every customer should take advantage of before it’s gone.

We are a cold climate heat pump contractor with heat pump stock available! Contact us for a free quote while supplies last.

How Much Does The Required Energy Audit Cost in Ottawa?

The audit process for Greener homes is broken up into two in-home visits. The first visit is $425+HST and generally takes 2-3 hours. The final visit is completed after all improvement work is concluded and costs $200+HST. 

$600 of the audit cost will be reimbursed on top of the qualifying rebates! (Certified Energy auditors must be used to qualify for the program). These prices are accurate as of May 2023.

Popular HVAC Products Qualifying Under Canada's Greener Homes Grant For Rebates

Air Source Heat Pump


A furnace and qualifying heat pump system will result in a $4000 to $6500 rebate. The most environmentally conscious system an air source heat pump paired with a fully electric air handler will qualify for the full $6500.

Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump


Homeowners who install two ductless indoor heads will qualify for $3250. Three or more indoor ductless heads or more are required to maximize the rebate and to qualify for the full $6500.

Heat Pump/Hybrid Hot Water Tank


All customers who purchase a qualifying hybrid hot water tank will receive the full $1300 rebate. A hybrid hot water tank consists of a fully electric water heater that utilizes heat pump technology to heat water in the home.

More Information About The Canada Greener Homes Grant Initiative?

We encourage you to contact us for any questions about the program. AirZone HVAC Services is a highly qualified heating and cooling dealer offering honest advice and services without any of the pressure tactics. Our goal is to educate our customers allowing them to make an informed decision on their terms based on sound advice. To view more information about the Grant on the Government of Canada’s website their dedicated page at:

Most Popular Greener Homes Forced Air Heat Pump (Ottawa 2022)

Our most popular fully ducted heat pump in 2022 is the Bosch BOVA IDS 2.0 cold climate heat pump. It is a proven leader in Ottawa due to its dependability, performance, and exceptional price point.


Bosch is one of the worlds most trusted brands for good reason. We have a huge amount of experience installing and maintaining these forced air heat pumps and the results speak for themselves. Best of all this product can be yours for a fraction of the regular price due to the Greener Homes Grant that is currently available (as of March 2022).

Bosch Ottawa
Bosch Forced Air Heat Pump

Frequently Asked Questions About The Greener Home Rebate

An air source heat pump is a HVAC system that moves heat from the outdoors to the interior of your home. This heat is then distributed throughout the home by a fan located in an air handler or a gas furnace. Certain cold climate heat pumps qualify for the greener homes rebate due to their efficiency and reduction in carbon footprint.

A cold climate heat pump is a type of forced air heat pump that is built to produce heat in Northern climates. This technology has been around for decades and can effectively heat a home with exterior temperatures as low as -25 Celsius. It differs from standard heat pumps due to its ability to produce heat at these low temperatures. It is able to meet this requirement through increased surface area on coils and high end technology such as variable speed compressors and communicating electronic expansion valves.

The most common type of heating and cooling system that we are installing is a hybrid heat pump system. This system utilizes an air sourced heat pump outside that replaces a traditional air conditioner. This unit is paired with a natural gas furnace inside that provides a secondary heating source allowing customers to lower their utility bills in the winter and ensure complete indoor comfort levels. Other typical systems that we are installing in Ottawa include a ductless air source heat pump paired with either boiler or electrical systems best suited for clients without ductwork in place. AirZone is highly qualified HVAC contractor specializing in custom air source heat pump systems. Our team of comfort experts will clearly lay out the specific available options for your home that qualify for the greener homes heat pump rebate.

This is a complicated question to answer because it will be up to the homeowner to decide how efficiently the system will run. In the summer time the heat pump acts as one of the most efficient air conditioners on the market. We are seeing consumer energy savings up to 40 percent in Ottawa over the summer months. The best results from these heat pumps are in homes that have upgraded insulation, newer windows, and other energy efficiency improvements since they can adjust the electrical to gas tipping point to a more efficient setting. In the winter a typical customer will change from the heat pump to backup heat (furnace or electric backup) around -5 to -15 Celsius. This choice is left up to the homeowner to balance cost to run versus comfort levels and increased utility bills. To clarify, a heat pump in the winter is more efficient but can cost more than a natural gas furnace to heat a home. We have clients in Ottawa who are heating their homes solely with the heat pump at temperatures lower than -20 Celsius!

In an ideal world the system can replace a gas furnace completely. There are options that eliminate the gas furnace completely that utilize electric backup heat however we find that a typical consumer wants to balance cost, comfort, and environmental sensibilities. That being said natural gas prices continue to increase along with an ever inflating federal carbon tax which may bring operating costs for electric systems closer to natural gas systems in the near future.

AirZone HVAC Services is committed to offering the more technology advanced HVAC systems in the market. Our team has been extensively trained in the latest heat pump technology allowing us to properly qualify air sourced systems specifically used in the Ottawa area. We have chosen our brands based on this research and real world experience. Our HVAC Systems are designed using multiple brands including Mitsubishi, Bosh, Lennox, and RHEEM air sourced heat pumps. By pulling products from multiple vendors we are able to offer a more custom solution for our clients suited for their particular installation and heating/cooling requirements. For example a Zuba heat pump is a ducted air source heat pump from Mitsubishi that is commonly used in systems in Ottawa.