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Gas Heating in Ottawa

AirZone HVAC Services is a leader in providing gas heating solutions to homeowners in the Ottawa area.  For decades, natural gas has been the most popular source of home heating in Canada for a few different reasons.

Prices: Natural gas has historically been the most cost-effective way to heat a home. Even with recent price increases (2022), gas remains a significantly cheaper solution than propane, oil, or straight electricity.  Furthermore, the upfront costs of a gas furnace tend to be cheaper than many of the other alternative methods.

Convenience: Natural gas is a convenient fuel source. Propane tanks and oil tanks need to be refilled and monitored as they may run dry in the middle of the winter. Natural gas is a permanent fixture with a meter on the side of the home. Meaning there is no worry of running out of natural gas in the winter.

Reliability: Having a natural gas meter on the home provides a safe and reliable way to ensure your home is constantly being fed with a supply of fuel to keep you home heated.

Furnaces:  Far and away the most common equipment installed in an Ottawa home. Most gas furnaces run at 96%-99% efficiency and provide an economical way to heat a home. Furnaces are forced air and connect to a homes ductwork system. A fan in the furnace blows heat that is created by burning natural gas.

Boilers: Natural gas boilers are another extremely popular system for heating your home. Boilers are attached to either radiators, infloor heating tubes or hydronic air handlers to distribute heat throughout the home.

Hybrids: Hybrid systems are becoming more and more popular in Ottawa each year. These systems incorporate gas heat and pair electric heat pumps. This allows the heat pump to handle most of the heating while utilizing gas as the back up heat.

What Is Your Most Popular Furnace?

Our most popular gas furnace for the 2022 heating season is the Rheem R96V. This furnace combines incredible reliability, an attractive price point and great efficiencies at 96%.

Most Efficient Furnace

  • The most efficient gas furnace for 2022 is the Lennox SLP99V heater. With unprecedented efficiencies of 99% you can be assured you are not wasting and energy when heating your home.

Most Popular Boiler

  • The most popular gas boiler for 2022 is the IBC SF series combination boiler. We can provide your hot water and heating in one efficient package!

Most Popular Hybrid(s)

  • Our most popular hybrid system for this season is the Bosch gas furnace/cold climate heat pump. The BOVA 2.0 allows home owners to heat there homes in an environmentally friendly manner while still enjoying the economic benefits of gas backup heat.

Cost Analysis (How much will it cost to heat my home Ottawa)

There are many cost analysis online concerning the average operating costs to heat a home in the Ottawa region utilizing different heating sources. This equation can be very difficult to calculate as each home is drastically different and each homeowner runs their system very differently. Below we have ranked the systems based on numerous case studies and direct information we have collected from our clients. The notes beside each system are ballparks and can vary drastically from home to home.

Most cost effective:

  • Natural gas furnace/boiler (Average operating cost $600-$1000 per winter)
  • Propane gas furnace/boiler (Average operating cost $2450-$3000 per winter)
  • Oil gas furnace/boiler (Average operating cost $2600-$3200 per winter)
  • Fully Electric (Average operating cost $2600-$3500 per winter)
  • Electric/Cold Climate Heat Pump (Average operating cost $1550-$2550 per winter)
  • Natural Gas/ Cold Climate Heat Pump (Average operating cost $600-$1200 per winter)

***These cost are ballparks. Set temperature, home insulation, home size, comfort levels, temperature adjustments and numerous other factors can effect operating costs.

What Is The Most Cost Effective Way To Heat My Home In Ottawa (2022)?

Gas remains the most cost effective way to heat a home in the Ottawa area. Please keep in mind it is not the most environmentally friendly way as cold climate heat pumps along with electric back up heaters are far and away the greenest solution. Furthermore, as gas prices increase and heat pump technology advances, electrically heated homes may become more and more fiscally acceptable.

Gas Heating in Ottawa

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