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Emergency Furnace Service

We experience very extreme temperatures in Ottawa and the Valley. There is a huge change in temperature when comparing the winter months to the summer months, and this can be very hard on your heating and cooling system. It is very important to have your system running at it’s best especially in the cold winter.

AirZone HVAC Services provides emergency service to Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley. We offer emergency HVAC service 24/7 to ensure that your furnace and/or air conditioner are up and running as soon as possible. We have a fleet of trucks on standby so that we can dispatch our crew quickly with many of the needed repair parts already on-board.

If you have lost heating or cooling in your home and need it back as soon as possible, call the experts from AirZone at 613-592-5770 for twenty four hour emergency service seven days a week including holidays!

Ottawa Furnace Emergency Service

There are a number of different reasons why your furnace can break down. Common causes are furnace age leading to issues with the heat exchanger, motor, etc. Other issues can arise when a furnace is not maintained properly. The most common cause of a furnace breakdown is when a homeowner has not changed their furnace filter for a long time. This leads to restricted airflow causing the furnace to work much harder to push the air. This results in a reduction in efficiency and eventually leads to parts breakdown.

In order to prepare our fleet for furnace breakdowns we offer extensive in house continuing education and training. This is in addition to educational requirements and experience that we require to have the privilege to perform work for our clients. Our furnace technicians are extensively trained to ensure they are able to diagnose and fix any issue correctly the first time.

Stocking our fleet with the most common replacement furnace parts also allows us to provide faster emergency furnace repair services. Our goal is to be able to fix your furnace during the initial emergency call. We accomplish this goal through replacement part availability paired with a large fleet of expert technicians who are on standby to complete repairs.

Priority Furnace Emergency Service

As an added incentive to our loyal customer base, AirZone offers protection packages that include annual furnace maintenance along with a number of additional benefits including priority service. When you sign up for a protection package, you will receive guaranteed emergency service in as little as 4 hours (level specific). This is just one of the benefits of having your furnace professionally maintained by AirZone.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of our packages please click the following link: Furnace Protection Packages.

Red Tag Furnace

In addition to our emergency furnace repair service we also offer emergency quotes on red tagged heating equipment. A red tagged furnace is an industry term for a furnace that is inoperable due to safety concerns. When a furnace is red tagged, by law it cannot be operated until repairs are made or the heater is replaced. We are sad to say that some furnaces are red tagged in Ottawa and the Valley to entice customers into purchasing a new furnace. Our emergency quote service allows you to get a second opinion and a second price on new furnace purchases quickly! We have had quite a few instances where we identified that a furnace was incorrectly red tagged or just needed a simple and fast repair. We build a relationship with our customers based on trust, expertise and honest advice, all backed by a quality you can trust guarantee.

Flat Rate Pricing

At AirZone we believe in up front flat rate pricing that is not billed hourly. This allows our clients to make a decision without any pressure sales tactics. They also do not have to guess at how much a repair will cost. Our pricing is given and agreed upon prior to any work commencing.

Furnace Emergency Service Price

As part of our commitment to an up front pricing model, we list our emergency service fees directly on our website. Please use the link below to view more information about our emergency furnace and air conditioner services with pricing:

Emergency Furnace Service Prices

Thank you very much for considering AirZone for your furnace and general HVAC needs!

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