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A Furnace For Any Budget

At AirZone we understand that a new high efficiency furnace installation is a major investment for most homeowners in Ottawa and the Valley. In order to offer different furnace price points to our customers we sell furnaces from the top three brands: Amana, American Standard, and Lennox.

Furnace Quality

One thing that we will not compromise on is furnace quality. We do not want to sell an Ottawa furnace that will not perform the way that it should over an extended period of time. When a furnace is maintained correctly, it should last well past the manufacturer’s warranty period. We have chosen our furnace brands with this in mind based on many years of experience in the HVAC world. We use quality furnace products and brands that offer exceptional reliability at a great price.

Different Furnace Price Points

The picture displayed in this article shows two very different furnaces available at AirZone. One is the top of the line furnace from Lennox with all of the bells and whistles including variable speed modulating operation, exceptionally low operational sound levels, and other features leading to precise air comfort control. We have paired this furnace with an iComfort thermostat offering communicating features. We have also added a larger 4″ Mac-L filter cabinet for the best in indoor air quality. Many consider this furnace to be the best available on the market today when considering all of the features and amazing efficiency.

The second furnace here is an Aire-Flo two stage furnace. Aire Flo is made by Lennox and offers a great performing heater without as many bells and whistles. This furnace offers great efficiency and comfort at a really affordable price.

Which Furnace Should I Choose?

When shopping for a new Ottawa furnace there are a few main points to consider. As a starting point, consider the differences between a single stage, two stage, and variable speed furnace. Given the benefits of a two stage heater over a single stage, our customers rarely choose a single stage furnace. The cost difference is not all that great and current incentives help to bring the price even closer. By having a furnace that operates at a minimum of two speeds, you will experience greater temperature control while enjoying a reduction in your heating costs.

Furnace brand is also an important consideration. Take Amana for example. Amana offers a limited lifetime warranty on their heat exchanger which is the best in the business. This type of warranty is what we want to offer our customers to ensure they are protected if anything goes wrong with their furnace. American Standard holds some of the best Consumer Reports product ratings, and Lennox is a proven brand you can trust in the Ottawa marketplace.

If you have a look at the picture again you will notice that both units have a Mac-L air filter cabinet attached. This is a great way to improve the performance and air quality in your home and can be paired with both high and low end products. Just because a furnace is less expensive does not mean that it will not significantly improve your home’s efficiency and air quality. When you purchase a lower end heater from a trusted brand the product is still very good… it just does not have all of the features that the top of the line products offer.

Regardless of which furnace you choose, rest assured that AirZone HVAC Services has a furnace option for you based on your needs. We only sell furnaces that meet our strict quality control guidelines and that manufacturers adhere to our after installation customer care standards. After all, we are interested in protecting our customer’s best interests which is why we have been successful in the greater Ottawa area.

Free Ottawa Furnace Estimates

If you are ready to learn more about our Ottawa furnace products and brands please contact us today! We are here to answer all of your questions and make a new furnace installation a seamless process in your home. Thank you for considering AirZone for your Ottawa Heating needs!

Two furnaces installed in Ottawa by heating contractor AirZone HVAC Services

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