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Common IAQ Issues Ottawa

What Are Some Common Indoor Air Quality Issues In Ottawa?

During the year, AirZone provides indoor air quality testing to both commercial and residential clients across the Ottawa valley. We regularly find issues with air quality during these tests, and provide expert recommendations on how our clients can achieve a safe, healthy environment for their families, employees, and themselves.

Time Of Year:

Typically indoor air quality issues arise during the winter months. This is because we want to keep as much cold air outside of our homes as possible. We do this through the use of weather-stripping, insulated windows, and more. Doors are kept closed and air does not have the same opportunity to escape as it does during the warmer months. This gives particulates, dust, and more no real chance to escape the house, resulting in elevated levels of pollutants.

Summer is also not immune to air quality issues. The elevated use of pesticides and chemicals can contribute to a reduced air quality, and have a way of finding their way into your property.

Common Indoor Air Pollutants:

Dust – As we all know, dust has a way of appearing everywhere in your home. A filter change can help to reduce the level of dust inside your property, so make sure to chance it regularly.

Pollutants (Biological) – Do you suffer from allergies? Biological pollutants can be one of the major contributors to your allergy issues causing all kinds of adverse health effects. Common pollutants include pet dander, bacteria, dust mites, and even mold.

Radon – It’s quite scary that we have found radon many times across the Ottawa area. Radon is caused by uranium breaking down in water, soil and rock. It is found mostly in basements and below grade areas in residential and commercial buildings. Radon causes cancer and is responsible for thousands of deaths across North America each year. Lung cancer is especially common when a smoker has a radon issue in their home.

What You Can Do Yourself:

Follow these tips to improve the air quality in your home:

1.       One of the most important solutions to indoor air quality issues is to have the right filter. Ensure that you choose one with a high MERV rating, and don’t forget to change the filter regularly. Most filters should be changed every 3-6 months, and keep in mind that a tighter air filter will fill up faster!

2.       Add an indoor air cleaner to your bedroom. For a relatively inexpensive cost, add a quality air cleaner to your most used rooms. A great place to start would be your bedroom. You will feel better in the morning and have a better quality of sleep.

3.       Circulate your air year round. Make sure that you are allowing air to circulate in your home. During the summer, open windows periodically to allow some fresh air in.

4.       Be aware of respiratory issues – Does someone in your home suffer from bad allergies while inside? Do you commonly get colds, fevers, and sneezing fits while in your home?

What We Can Do For You:

AirZone offers an extensive line of indoor air quality tests. Unlike other testing companies, we believe in a low cost test which essentially just covers our time and equipment use. We do this because we want to build a relationship with our clients through honest and professional services.

We also offer expert recommendations and services for indoor air quality – Our approach is to present you with all of the correct information about your indoor air quality, and we never use any pressure sales tactics.

Our typical indoor air quality test involves putting a testing unit in your home or office for a few days. Our machines upload information about your air quality to our office. We return to pick up our equipment and present you with an air quality report.

We also recommend having your radon levels tested in below grade areas. We offer a full line of remediation services if radon is found in your home or office. We have found radon in many Ottawa homes, and due to its extremely adverse health implications we want to find it right away.

Interested in learning more about indoor air quality? Check out our indoor air quality section at: http://www.airzonehvacservices.ca/indoor_air_quality

Are you ready to know your indoor air quality? You may request a no obligation quote by filling out this form (or just give our friendly staff a call): Request Ottawa HVAC Quote

Also, if you would like to know our standard pricing please visit this page: Indoor Air Quality Test Pricing

Common Indoor Air Quality Issues

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