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Samantha Lewis

Samantha Lewis

About Me

Samantha Lewis is a dedicated and accomplished individual who has been an integral part of the AirZone team for over 5 years. Starting out in a variety of positions, Samantha worked her way up to become the Office Manager, a testament to her intelligence, passion and organizational skills.

In her role as Office Manager, Samantha is responsible for ensuring the smooth and efficient running of the office, as well as overseeing customer service. She takes pride in ensuring AirZone’s continued success and maintaining their reputation as a leader in their industry. Her dedication and commitment to her role is evident in the quality of service she provides to both clients and colleagues.

Outside of work, Samantha is a loving wife to Taylor, who serves as VP of AirZone. Together, they have a beautiful 5-year-old daughter whom Samantha enjoys helping learn and grow. Family time is very important to her and she enjoys nothing more than spending time with loved ones over great food.

In her spare time, Samantha has a few hobbies that keep her busy. She is an avid singer and guitar player, and has a natural talent for photography. She also loves to travel and has a particular interest in exploring ancient cultures. This passion for anthropology led her to obtain her degree from Ottawa University.

Samantha is a true leader and a valuable member of the AirZone team. Her dedication to her work and her family is inspiring, and her love for life and adventure make her a joy to be around.

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