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Mitchell Raine

Mitchell Raine

About Me

Mitchell has 12 years of HVAC experience, with the last 3.5 years as the lead service technician at AirZone HVAC Services.  This allows him to provide a practical approach to improving comfort and efficiency in your home. He is able to explain how all of the systems at AirZone work and how to control them, in either great detail or in a simple way that any new homeowner can understand!

Mitchell’s creativity and technical knowledge make him a highly skilled home comfort advisor. Mitchell grew up in Toronto and moved to Ottawa in 2018 with his wife Kaitlin. In his spare time Mitchell enjoys competitive skiing and even teaching skiing lessons.

Mitch has a passion for technology and an obsessive nature for finding the very best and newest techniques for creating comfort. If you are looking for a simple furnace replacement or trying to design a state of the art home comfort system, Mitch is your guy!

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