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Joe Pyka

Joe Pyka

About Me

Joe Pyka is a skilled lead installation technician who has been a valuable member of the AirZone team for the past three years. He brings a wealth of experience to his role, having spent several years honing his skills before joining the company. Joe is known for his sharp wit and funny sarcastic humour, which keeps his team and customers feeling light even during the most challenging installations.

In addition to his work at AirZone, Joe is a die-hard sports fan who supports both the Cincinnati Bengals and the Hamilton Tiger Cats. He loves to follow his favourite teams and can often be found discussing the latest scores and highlights with his colleagues.

Joe is passionate about his work and enjoys the challenge of installing furnaces and putting together high-end HVAC systems. He is a problem solver who takes pride in his ability to find creative solutions to even the most complex installation challenges.

Outside of work, Joe is a family man who loves spending time with his wife and children. He enjoys cooking up a storm on the grill and cracking open a cold beverage while he relaxes with his loved ones. Joe is also an avid traveller who is always looking for new destinations to explore. He is not picky when it comes to travel and enjoys any opportunity to get away and experience new cultures and cuisines. With his sense of humour, dedication to his work, and love of family and relaxation, Joe is a valued member of the AirZone team.

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