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Lennox MHB

Lennox MHB from AirZone HVAC Services Ottawa.

Product Type

Heat Pump

AirZone Environmental Rating

Very Efficient

Manufacturer: Lennox

Model: MHB

The Lennox MHB heat pump is the perfect solution for a room that is difficult to heat or cool! These units offer a great balance between performance and price point.  Heating capabilities down to -15C and flawless cooling. The Lennox MHB has been a popular unit with our clients for nearly a decade (Formerly the Lennox MHA).  This model is also available as a cooling only solution under the MCB name.

Why this Product is Great

1. Fixes Those Hard to Cool Areas: The Lennox MHB heat pump offers incredible flexibility in terms of installation. This system is popular as a single zone cooling solution for hard to cool bedrooms.  Homeowners in the Ottawa suburbs like Barrhaven, Kanata and Orleans enjoy the adding cooling in those bedrooms above the garage or far from the furnace. This unit has helped hundreds of people sleep comfortably.  Older neighbourhoods like the Glebe, Westboro and Downtown often have homes without ductwork, making this unit a great option for cooling.

2. Green Heating Solution: Many Homeowners love the ability to offset carbon use. Homeowners can feel good about utilizing green, hydro power to help heat the home and cut down on fossil fuel usage.

3. Cost-Effective: Balancing performance and affordability, the Lennox MHB provides excellent value for your investment. It delivers high efficiency, helping to reduce energy costs while maintaining optimal comfort levels.

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