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GE Side Discharge

Product Type

Air Conditioner

AirZone Environmental Rating


Manufacturer: GE

Model: UUC

Introducing the GE Side Discharge Air Conditioner, a compact and efficient cooling solution, perfect for urban living. This air conditioner offers outstanding value without compromising on performance. With its sleek design, the GE Side Discharge is ideal for small spaces such as condo balconies or neatly tucked into your backyard landscape, ensuring it doesn’t detract from your home’s aesthetic.

Engineered for quiet operation, the GE Side Discharge operates at very low decibel levels, making it one of the quietest air conditioners on the market. This feature allows you to enjoy a cool, comfortable home environment without the intrusive noise often associated with air conditioning units. Its efficiency is further certified by AirZone’s Environmental Rating, marking it as a leader in energy-efficient home cooling.

The unit comes with easy access to a comprehensive product brochure and a detailed user manual, ensuring you can maximize the efficiency and longevity of your air conditioner. Designed and manufactured by AirZone HVAC Services, the GE Side Discharge model UUC is tailored to meet the demands of homeowners who prioritize both functionality and minimal visual impact.

Whether upgrading your current air conditioning system or selecting a new installation that compliments your living space, the GE Side Discharge offers a blend of affordability, low noise operation, and stylish design that makes it a superior choice for your cooling needs.

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