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Ottawa Air Conditioner Pricing 2022

A few years ago the entire team at AirZone HVAC Services sat down together and discussed price transparency. We discussed how consumers view air conditioner sales, incentives, and rebates. We then directly compared this approach to our customer service first philosophy; to always put our customers first and offer a higher level of service in the HVAC industry. We all came to the same conclusion! A company dedicated to customer service needs to not only be transparent about our prices, we need to provide our clients with high quality products that are dependable and perform as advertised. And we need to do this in a manner that allows our customers to make an informed purchase decision on a new central air conditioning unit or other HVAC equipment without any sales pressure. The goal here is to build long term relationships with clients through trust, honesty, and a different level of care.


As years have gone by our team has embraced this approach. We do our best to properly educate our customers not only about air conditioner prices, but also about how these prices are changing due to industry trends and cultural events. In 2021 we saw air conditioning prices rise due to the Covid 19 Pandemic and shutdowns in Canada, the United States, and many other places worldwide.


Here we are in January 2022. We are already beginning to be asked about cooling equipment costs this year and how it will be affected throughout the year. We do foresee the largest two challenges in 2022 being cooling equipment shortages due to supply chain and manufacturing issues and shortages. At AirZone HVAC Services, we do everything we can to keep our prices as low as possible without sacrificing our quality or customer service. Examples of this approach are purchasing equipment ahead of time to ensure that we have it ready for a timely installation. We also are a dealer of Rheem, Amana, and Lennox products allowing us greater flexibility and supply by carrying multiple brands of air conditioners. We carry these air conditioner products because we believe that we can offer the best VALUE to our customers that meets our goal of dependability, reliability, and performance. Our brands also meet our high standard for environmental impacts and green energy requirements which is becoming more important every day.


So what will a new air conditioner cost this year (2022)? We have broken out answers below to give you a very good idea of the cost of a new cooling system for your home. Please keep in mind that there are many different considerations that go into answering how much a new cooling system will cost. Air conditioning unit prices change considerably with factors such as home size, efficiency, performance, and features. These prices at the start of the year and may change at any time. For exact pricing please contact us for a FREE no obligation quote. For the purpose of budgeting please see the average cooling system prices below.


Average Air Conditioner Price in Ottawa (January 2022):


The average cost of a central air conditioner in Ottawa in 2022 is $3750+HST. This average is a calculation based on a combination of small, medium and large units, along with a large variety of entry level to high end units.


Average Entry Level Air Conditioning Price (2022):


Entry level cooling units in Ottawa in 2022 are generally slightly louder and rated at the minimum efficiencies allowable by government standards. These units start at $2400 and can range up to $4500 depending on size of home and installation parameters.


Average Mid Level Air Conditioning Price (2022):


Mid level central air conditioner systems in Ottawa in 2022 are generally quieter and more efficient than their builder grade counterparts. These units will range between 14-17 SEER in efficiency and may offer upgraded components such as sound dampening technology and multi staged compressor operation. These units start at $3000 and can range up to $5800 depending on size of home and installation parameters.


Average Top Level Air Conditioning Price (2022):


High level air conditioning units in Ottawa in 2022 are ultra quiet and incredibly efficient. This type of central cooling system can reach up to 26 SEER in efficiency. High end air conditioners offer multi stage or variable speed compressor operation allowing for perfect temperature control in the home.  These units start at $5000 and range upwards of $15,000 depending on size of home and installation parameters. 


Air Conditioner Price Factors This Year:


Quality of air conditioning unit: This is a major consideration when budgeting for your air conditioner. Entry level units may be cost effective up front but generally cost more to run, have a shorter lifespan and cannot offer the same comfort levels as higher end units. The cost for a cooling unit sized for the exact same home may be more than triple if you opt for an ultra efficient, quiet and communicating air conditioner.


Size of cooling unit: Another large consideration for air conditioners is size. This is a crucial component in the buying process. If an air conditioner is not sized correctly for your home you will experience major cooling problems, waste energy and thus spend more money unnecessarily on utilities. Having a qualified contractor come to your home to evaluate is absolutely crucial in the decision making process.


Air conditioner installation parameters: Many people believe purchasing and air conditioner is like purchasing an appliance such as a Fridge or a Stove. This could not be farther from the truth! A fridge can be simply plugged in, an air conditioner needs to be custom fit to your home.  Your contractor will need to evaluate the following factors: Does the air conditioner lineset have to run through finished space? How long is the distance between the indoor and outdoor unit? What is the best placement for the outdoor unit? What kind of electrical requirements are needed? How are we going to successfully drain the unit? Is the current ductwork adequate to support your air conditioner? Plus many, many more considerations.


Quality of cooling installation contractor:  At the end of the day the most important consideration is the installation contractor. An entry level unit that is sized properly, installed well and calibrated correctly will out perform a top of the line unit that is oversized, poorly installed and left with factory settings. Having a qualified designer, paired with licensed and experienced technicians, all backed by an efficient and caring back office is the #1 factor to consider to ensure you have years of comfort at your home.


Air Conditioner Brand Pricing 2022 (Ottawa)


With hundreds of different brands available to purchase and install AirZone HVAC has strategically chosen the brands that we believe offer our clients the best customer support, reliability and value. When it comes to choosing an air conditioner for your home it is important to remember a few key factors influence the pricing: Size of equipment, efficiency rating, sound levels and installation parameters. We have broken out the standard price ranges for the most popular air conditioner brands in the industry!


The starting point is a entry level air conditioner (13 SEER with a standard installation) and the top end price is for the manufacturers high end (20 SEER+ variable speed model).


  • Lennox air conditioner: $3000-$15,000  (Average $4400+HST)
  • Rheem air conditioner: $2800-$12,000  (Average $3800+HST)
  • Amana air conditioner: $2700-$10,000  (Average $3700+HST)
  • Carrier air conditioner: $3000-$15,000   (Average $4200+HST)
  • Trane air conditioner: $3000-$15,000     (Average $4400+HST) 
  • York air conditioner:   $2600-$9,000       (Average $3400+HST)
  • Goodman air conditioner: $2500-$7000 (Average $3300+HST)
  • Ruud air conditioner: $2900-$12,000      (Average $3900+HST)
  • Bryant air conditioner:$3000-$15,000     (Average $4000+HST)
  • American Standard air conditioner:$3000-$12,000 (Average $4000+HST)


Many clients ask us what our favorite brand of air conditioner is, our answer is always the same. We like the air conditioner that is installed properly, maintained well and backed by an amazing supplier! Many people get stuck on a certain brand when making their decision on purchasing a piece of heating/ cooling equipment. The reality is, there is a lot of parity in the manufacturing industry. Components such as Copeland compressors may be installed in dozens of different brands. Electrical components are commonly coming from the same manufacturer and distributed to multiple HVAC brands to be used in their equipment.


Furthermore, all manufacturers offer differing levels of equipment. An entry level Carrier unit will run at 13 SEER and 76 decibels whereas a lesser known name, such as Ducane, may have an 18 SEER unit running at 58 decibels. The SEER rating, compressor staging and sound levels can vary greatly within a specific brand and are very important considerations in choosing an air conditioner.  Let’s take Lennox as an example; they have three tiers of equipment starting at the entry level Merit series, the Elite series and the top of the line Signature series. The prices in Ottawa in 2022 for the Lennox AC’s can range upwards of $10,000 between these levels of equipment!  As you can see there is a lot more to consider when choosing an air conditioner than simply the brand!


Finally, installation parameters are a massive factor in determining pricing.  An entry level 13 SEER air conditioner that is sized properly, installed well, tested and maintained annually will far out perform an oversized/ undersized 25 SEER unit that is poorly installed.  When purchasing an air conditioner, homeowners often forget that they are also purchasing a service (the installation).  One Carrier dealer may be $3500+HST for a 14 SEER air conditioner while another local dealer may offer the exact same unit for $4500+HST. This does not necessarily mean the more expensive installer is gouging you or making more money! Perhaps the higher priced dealer utilizes highly trained technicians with a keen attention to detail. Perhaps he is replacing more components and using only the best materials available to him.  Furthermore, he may be spending substantially more time testing and calibrating the unit before leaving your home.


These are all huge factors when choosing your air conditioner! You are not purchasing a refrigerator that simply plugs in. You are purchasing a refrigerator that needs to be put together and customized for your home.  If you were to purchase a vehicle that came in 4,000 pieces and needed to be assembled, most people would be more concerned with the experience and skill level of the assembler, rather than the brand of the car.


For all of these reasons, it is always a great idea to have a company like AirZone HVAC Services come evaluate your home’s needs and give you multiple options! We can customize solutions that fit any budget, home and family’s home comfort goals.


We hope that this article has provided you with a better understanding of the cost of a new central air conditioner in Ottawa in 2022. AirZone HVAC Services prides ourselves on our transparent and honest approach to pricing. If you have any questions or would like to receive a quotation just reach out to our friendly team who are standing by to help. We have some very experienced cooling system designers in house that specialize in maximizing your efficiency, taking advantage of each and every rebate and savings available, and delivering on what we promise. We look forward to serving you in 2022!


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