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Make Sure To Do This Before Heating Season

Is your home ready for the winter months? September is a great time to get your HVAC system ready for heating season! It’s also the perfect time to book your annual maintenance with AirZone. Here are some important maintenance items for Ottawa homes!

Change your filter

Now is a good time to ensure you are changing your furnace filter. Heavy usage of air conditioners all summer can pull large amounts of dust and debris through the home and into your furnaces filtration system. If you have a one inch filter it is advisable to change it out every two months. 4 or 5 inch filters should be changed two or three times a year depending on your home environment.

Check your thermostat

Many homeowners operate digital thermostats that require batteries to power them. Now is a great time to switch out those batteries to ensure flawless heating all winter long!

Check registers

Many of us “balance” our homes distribution systems differently in the summer vs the winter. Now is a great time to ensure all basement vents are opened to condition the hardest to heat areas in our homes. It is also a good chance to take a vacuum or shop vac to the easy to reach areas of the ductwork to further aid in your indoor air quality.


An annual maintenance on your furnace is highly recommended. Not only does it ensure that your furnace is working safely but also that it is running to its proper efficiencies, saving you money. Many manufacturers requires annual maintenance to maintain warranties, there is no better time to keep that piece of mind secure than the fall!

Test the unit

Test firing the furnace well before the dog days of winter is an excellent idea.  There is nothing worse than firing your unit up on the first frigid night of the year only to be met with cold air blowing. Switching the unit from cooling to heating mode and allowing the unit to run is a great way to ensure you will not have any unexpected issues.

Air Conditioner winterizing

As the days and nights get colder it is drawing close to the time of year when we say goodbye to our ACs for the season. We always recommend flipping the breaker in the panel associated with your air conditioner to off. Covering the unit with a board helps prevent debris from falling into your unit. Finally, be careful with tight fitting covers as they not only trap moisture in the unit but can also create a nesting ground for rodents that love to chew through wires.

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